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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Spider that almost bit my bottom

Last night I had some plans that I was going to go dancing - the only problem being that it wasn't until later (1o:00pm), which really doesn't work with my work schedule. So I decided to take it easy after work yesterday and then take a nap until right before I needed to go - go dance for a bit and then come home and go back to bed. Well, my plan did not work out as I had expected. I have a really cozy bed and well... I think you can probably figure the reason that I did not make it to dancing when I should have. Hoshposh! I really wanted to go.
Anyway, so now it is like 10:45pm and I am wide awake.
What should I do?

I could do all kinds of things - do some laundry, read some of those books that I never get a chance to read, read my new C++ book to get a head start on my class, sew some curtains, dance around... or get on the computer.

I decide to get on the computer. Some guys at work play this game, don't know if you've heard of it - "Worlds of WarCraft" - oh yes, it is almost like virtual reality and I guess the most addictive game around for the time being (well, according to my sources).

So I have a free trial (thanks to my friend at work) - and I install the game, watch this awesome "movie" in the beginning of the game, and patch it forever. Finally, I get to play.
I have to say, this game is very impressive. I think it is probably the best game that I have ever played (even though I am still fighting for Vampire - The Masquerade, which really has never worked quite right on my computer, but anyway). I learn to move around and do some things, get some quests, kill some wild boars, watch other online players go everywhere... the most significant thing I think is when - "I was in the woods" and all of the sudden "I see" this guy on the ground dead. Hmmm, wonder if I can revive him - I think - well then all of these spiders show up.

Let's step aside for a moment here. If anyone knows me, they know that I can deal with little pests like spiders and mice now in real life - they are acceptable - the spiders in this game must have been tree spiders or something because they were the size of a good size dog.

I saw these spiders coming closer to me (perhaps ready to attack) and ran away. They are very scary! I can kill the boars, but do not want to mess around with these things. I will not let them get close to me! This was the most significant event (to me) in the game. The fact is - the spiders may not have attacked me.

I heard that they have that size spider in Florida that hangs out in the palm trees! They have very large webs! That is why I'll never go in the woods there.

And now that I am able to speak like a WarCraftian, this post is FOR you.


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