Well, then. This is FOR YOU. To have ;)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

They are in!

The new owners are moving in! I had to drive by today to see if it was really happening.
It has been so long since I thought the people were buying my house, but it wasn't official.
Now it is!!!

*dancing around office*

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Signing Closing Paperwork - Yes, it's scheduled folks!

"Tomorrow 2pm - fabulous. Good, good, good. Yes, let's sign all of the paperwork."

Sign here, sign here, sign here. You have a smoke detector in the house? "Yes." Sign here. You are done. What is your profession anyway, are you an engineer? "Yes." Ok, goodbye. What specifically? "Computers." Ah, one of those types. Goodbye. Call me on Monday. Goodbye.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Let's Vote

Who thinks that Mr. + Mrs. Will YouBuyMyHouseAlready will actually close on my house tomorrow?

It's been a very long time. Tomorrow is supposed to be the final and very last day that this could happen.

If it happens, I will clap :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

NYC Trip Report - Ending & Busy News

So, I guess I never finished my report on NYC - kept meaning to, but there are just so many things going on that I haven't continued...

Real quick - after New Jersey we got on a train to Long Island where we visited my girlfriend's Aunt - had breakfast and went to Jones Beach. I swam in the ocean and was almost taken away by the undertow, but my wounds have healed. We visited her grandparents who were very friendly - we had some fruit salad there. Then, we got back on the plane and came back to Syracuse while watching Bill Cosby on the in-flight TV screen.

Memories... lalalala - still haven't scrapped the trip yet, but will do that soon. Maybe this week.

So, things have been really busy lately, big events being that I found another job and put in my resignation, hopefully closing on my old house this week, and I am working on the new house.

We are going to have a garden next year!

Should be an interesting week - lots of changes. Life is good.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

NYC Trip Report - Part 2

Ok, so continuing on...

--- Ground Zero
They are rebuilding. I stood inside of the new subway station and I have a picture. Very saddening to see parts of what used to be something huge.
I got this postcard with a title that says, "This is 2010". They have plans to make new transportation and Freedom Tower. The buildings compared to the other ones next to it I was told are 1/3 of the size (please correct me if I am wrong). I can't even imagine the destruction that New York City saw on that day.

--- Central Park
Zoos, water, ice cream. Trees. A clock chiming. I guess they have winter carriage rides in the winter. Can you imagine - horses, hot chocolate, snow. Sounds like it would be an amazing time.

--- 5th Ave
Tiffany's, Street Vendors, expensive clothing, LV purses. There was this ring in Tiffany's that I would have to save my entire life to buy. Money, money. Guess the people from Wall Street shop on 5th ave. Noone else would be able to afford it. I guess if you were in a movie...

speaking of which - my girlfriend and I were walking down the street and this little latin man asked us if we wanted to be in a dance movie as extras! How funny is that. He thought that he was in his dance class. :)

--- NJ - the official Campmor store. Yes - the one that I buy all of my cross country ski gear from. It was pretty cool. Can you believe that one minute you are in New York City and the next minute you can be on a train to New Jersey? It's true. People commute every day to New York for work.


Monday, August 07, 2006

To the Dark Side...

So, I never thought I'd do this, but I actually went to the store tonight with a girlfriend of mine and bought a very good scrapbook. That's right - I've converted to the dark side (non-digital madness).

Now for the reasons - well, with the recent trip to NYC and the new house I realized just how much this might help me to organize my stuff while at the same time help me remember an event. When I went to NYC I brought back a lot of menus and tickets - postcards for the new Ground Zero, that type of thing.

Now, in my filing cabinet that I have in my office, I have a bunch of things in a folder called "Miscellaneous" but it ends up being just a bunch of scraps, kind of like the abundance of school work that I still have to go through someday :)

So, anyway, I bought this scrap book and some really cute stickers (ooo!) - so far I've decided that I'm going to scrap "New House" and "NYC Trip" so it's pretty exciting. I get to organize my scraps.

The trouble ends up being having the time for ANOTHER hobby. I just don't have enough time for everything that I'd like to do.

How long have I been trying to watch that movie now? ;)

Never a dull moment I guess - especially lately, I tell ya.

Anyway, so I know you've been ever so patiently waiting to hear about the NYC trip. My girlfriend and I covered many many city blocks in New York.
It's funny because I'm tempted to do the list again, just too much stuff happened there. Ok, here goes:

--- Airplane - did not get delayed by airplane, did get delayed by my girlfriend talking to the pilot and giving us the opportunity to sit in the pilot seat!

--- Stayed at the New Yorker hotel where the rooms where very nice, the food was excellent (we ate an entire loaf of italian bread and two plates of vodka sauce pasta between the two of us - nono, not over a day - in one sitting)

--- Subway Riding adventures which took us to the Hot Buttered Rum concert (well kind of took us - we ran many city blocks to make the concert on time - not something I'd like to try 2x but interesting nonetheless), Times Square, 5th Avenue, Central Park, Ground Zero, Wall Street (men in suits!) - I don't think I can think of anything else right now... hmm... well...

--- Hot Buttered Rum
Concert - many smelly, sweaty folks on a boat that almost got torn apart by a huge lightning storm - power went out on the boat and we couldn't dock the boat, so the band played without electricity. We almost did not come back from NY!
(Saw Statue of Liberty - AMAZING)

Part 2 tomorrow guys - that's not all, still have to tell you about the trip to NJ, it's getting late. Just realized I need to be sleeping.
More soon!!