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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pictures for you!

Here is what I have painted in my livingroom so far! See - it is really orange. I've waited a long time to change anything in this room - I left it for last on purpose.
Anyway, it's been long enough so now I'm making it the way that I want... my dad says that this is a CRAZY color - everyone else will probably think so too.
It is BEHR "pumpkin".

I think that it is an inspiring color!!
Now I have to decide what to do with the rest of the walls in the living room. Any ideas?

Bonus - introducing... CooCoo My Darling Persian Cat :)

My Rice Cakes Say: "You are not a winner"

Have you ever tried Caramel Rice Cakes?

"Please try again!"

Things always getting confused - why why why

Monday, March 28, 2005

Dunkin Donuts Cappuccino

I just have to say Cappuccino is sooo good. I wish I had a machine to make Cappuccinos at home.

Mmmmm tasty.
My Favorite part is the milk - how on earth does the machine fix it like that?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Oww, Running hurts!

Yesterday was my first day back to classes after a two week break - yay! So I decided to prepare for my new class by getting energized and taking a little stroll around the neighborhood, get the blood going, you know.

So, I go out walking - the first thing I see is my neighbors coming (what an idea - EVERYONE wants to walk when it is nice out!). I say - "Can I walk with you?" "Sure", they say. Ok, so I walk with them for a little bit - and guess what, just when I was hoping no one realized that there was a huge firetruck in front of my house last week...
"It was really no big deal", I said, "They were only there to unlock the door, you know because I was so silly and locked the keys in the car." Of course they went on to tell me how neighbors are good for things like having Triple A memberships that they never really use and stuff... now I find this out! @!#!@ What a concept.
Well, now I too have a triple A membership, so if you ever need an unlock... well ya know - that is how I got my keys back. So, anyway, I now know that the invitation is open from the neighbors - I can ask to use the phone if needed and so on. And they now know that the offer is the same to them - need a phone, cup of coffee? I have one of those.
She told me actually about how she had to go through the dog door *sideways* to get into their garage this past winter - so I feel better about this situation I guess. Do you know anyone who has never locked their keys in their car? Didn't think so.
Well, the short of it is that the neighbors witnessed my shame, I am sorry to say.

Hmm, what was my point here... oh yes. So, after the conversation with the neighbors I realize that I have to get going to school now. So I wave goodbye & we part ways. So, now I am going to get ENERGIZED. Oh yes - blood pumping - I'm so not going for the caffiene today boy.

I begin to run. I'm running past some kids - they are throwing a football. They are afraid of the lady running. After I pass they throw the ball - OVERTHROW! So, I picked it up. Throw it back to them. "Nice Throw!" they say.
Guess I'm not so uncool as I think - until I realized that I really could only run a block before becoming mostly exhausted.

I actually had a very nice class last night - I was alert the entire time! Very interesting stuff. So, I decide, yes... I will do this running more often. It works for me!
That was until this morning when I was walking outside and I could feel pain in my shins (NOT chins, mind you, not chins... :-D muahahah) .

Question for you. Why are my shins hurting?!!? I didn't run very far. This used to happen to me when I was in track in High School - but only after running like 4 miles! I ran a block.
Oh my... Tata.

Monday, March 21, 2005

I love Pancakes!! (and Maple Syrup with Bluberries please)

This weekend was kind of a wash (I slept for most of it) - seems like when the weather changes everyone gets sick in trying to adjust. Everyone has had the same cold - even one of my friends that I met dancing, who is not even close to my work environment described the same symptoms. Her having it tells me it's a little farther spread.
The symptoms are that you just feel really tired, then your throat gets sore and you don't feel that awful at first (for like maybe a day or two) except for the occassional headache. It then progresses to the point where it is tough to swallow / talk, the headache is persistent, and you have to sleep for like 2 days straight to get rid of it. Thankfully, I had the weekend to rest... though it was a beautiful weekend. *bummer*

On another note - right now in CNY the maple syrup is running. Yummmm.. There are some demonstrations around, including the big event which I hope to attend, the Maple Festival. Maybe I will get to see the entire syrup making process this year and then take some home for pancakes!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Resolution: Avoid *some* pointless vocal statements & more.

I've been thinking about avoiding some things that I tend to say a lot (that even though might be true lose meaning when often repeated):

1. I'm tired.
2. I'm cold.
3. I'm sorry.

I think I say these things too much - and really, there isn't a reason for it, because generally - well, noone is really 100% comfortable all the time.
You know I heard this awesome quote once - "99% of the world's work is done by people that don't feel very well"
Another good inspirational one was delivered when I was tired and hiking up a mountain: "Suck it up, Cupcake!"

More soon - I painted part of my living room an interesting orange color last night and I want to post some pictures - it reminds me of this movie I watched once showing the interior of some houses in Tuscany...

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Why do I always get PAINT in my hair!

So, yesterday I randomly decided that I needed to finish painting the trim in my living room after work.
This was after I covered up the basement window that the group of firefighters broke the night before when they were not putting out a fire (ha. wouldn't you like to know...but that is a story I need to save for another day when I'm feeling up to it)
Sooo... I'm painting the livingroom - it always takes a really long time, so I put on a sappy movie that I've seen before (What Women Want - with Mel Gibson in it, no less - NO LAUGHING, it really is too sappy - near the end I was thinking UGH who watches this stuff) so I can listen to that in the background. I painted for the entire duration of the movie - completing the trim - YAY, finally!
But what I'm really wondering is - no matter how short my hair is at the particular time when I am painting with some shade of white - how on earth do I manage to get it in my hair? Right in the front too - just enough so it looks like I am going gray. Fabulous :)> It is so impossible to wash out - I end up having to remove it from each hair, strand by strand. It takes forever, so I give up. Maybe noone will notice that I am suddenly gray? ;)
Oh well.
I'm not really sure what the funny part about this was - but hey, I was thinking it, so there you go. For you to have? *blink* - also, I'm feeling a touch better today. I have a kind of sore throat though, so maybe coming down with a cold can make you feel cruddy for a day (like I did yesterday). It won't last.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

You know you are having a bad day when...

You go to the vending machine to buy *another* package of Reese's and it suddenly turns into a magical machine that is capable of doing a disappearing act with one of your quarters, and then, it won't give you the other one back.

Your feet have been cold since approximately 6:45am and they just refuse to warm up.

It's just one of those days - "Alice." Atleast I got some good feedback today.
I want to watch that movie "A series of Unfortunate Events" - maybe that'll be a pickmeup.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Ancestry 101

So, today I was just doing some random searching online and I had this *bright* idea to look for my last name & the word Ancestry - to maybe see where I am from. I swear I had done this before- I don't recall my findings - but anyway...
So I did a search on Google and one of the first URLs that I see is a forum from Ancestry.com. It seems as though some of my cousins have already been posting to the forum - and some of the stuff that my grandfather told me about where he is from is making a bit of sense.

I guess it boils down to my being a bit German - possibly from Russia or Prussia and another bit Hungarian (only from what my Grandfather told me - so may be unrelated to the name - I've always called myself mostly Hungarian, but we will never be sure) - my dad's side of the family came here perhaps in the late 1800s / early 1900s.

What makes this really odd is - a couple weeks back, someone randomly told me that I looked like I was Russian, and I thought that they were a little insane...

Oh well, I think most of us are such a mixture that it is hard to find anything out for certain - but this was interesting nonetheless!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Spider that almost bit my bottom

Last night I had some plans that I was going to go dancing - the only problem being that it wasn't until later (1o:00pm), which really doesn't work with my work schedule. So I decided to take it easy after work yesterday and then take a nap until right before I needed to go - go dance for a bit and then come home and go back to bed. Well, my plan did not work out as I had expected. I have a really cozy bed and well... I think you can probably figure the reason that I did not make it to dancing when I should have. Hoshposh! I really wanted to go.
Anyway, so now it is like 10:45pm and I am wide awake.
What should I do?

I could do all kinds of things - do some laundry, read some of those books that I never get a chance to read, read my new C++ book to get a head start on my class, sew some curtains, dance around... or get on the computer.

I decide to get on the computer. Some guys at work play this game, don't know if you've heard of it - "Worlds of WarCraft" - oh yes, it is almost like virtual reality and I guess the most addictive game around for the time being (well, according to my sources).

So I have a free trial (thanks to my friend at work) - and I install the game, watch this awesome "movie" in the beginning of the game, and patch it forever. Finally, I get to play.
I have to say, this game is very impressive. I think it is probably the best game that I have ever played (even though I am still fighting for Vampire - The Masquerade, which really has never worked quite right on my computer, but anyway). I learn to move around and do some things, get some quests, kill some wild boars, watch other online players go everywhere... the most significant thing I think is when - "I was in the woods" and all of the sudden "I see" this guy on the ground dead. Hmmm, wonder if I can revive him - I think - well then all of these spiders show up.

Let's step aside for a moment here. If anyone knows me, they know that I can deal with little pests like spiders and mice now in real life - they are acceptable - the spiders in this game must have been tree spiders or something because they were the size of a good size dog.

I saw these spiders coming closer to me (perhaps ready to attack) and ran away. They are very scary! I can kill the boars, but do not want to mess around with these things. I will not let them get close to me! This was the most significant event (to me) in the game. The fact is - the spiders may not have attacked me.

I heard that they have that size spider in Florida that hangs out in the palm trees! They have very large webs! That is why I'll never go in the woods there.

And now that I am able to speak like a WarCraftian, this post is FOR you.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Avoiding the Donut

So, today I come into work and Mr. Tin Hat had brought in donut holes (which I typically appreciate, b/c who cannot like little bits of goodness such as this).

Since I decided last night at about 9pm that I was going on a no sugar diet (again), I was bound and determined to avoid the minature, tasty donuts. However, since I knew about the donuts I had to compensate for not having the donuts - I decided to try to eat something healthy.
I ate a bowl of raisin bran.
I am still thinking about the donuts.
I drink a cup of tea.
I am still thinking about the donuts.
I eat a pear.
I am still, (guess what), thinking about donuts.
People come in. They are eating the donuts.
I drink another cup of tea and contemplate how I will resist.

Man, this no sugar thing isn't going to last. I end up thinking too much about not eating the sugary thing, that I probably would have eaten less, had I just had the donut.


Oh yea, and I changed the name of the site, did you notice? I still have to login with the "danceforpeaches" name, which by the way did not mean that I wanted you to dance for me, but that I want to dance and my name is peaches or peach so it was me dancing - a dance for me the peaches. :) But if you'd like to comment or something you could be the comment_for_peaches if you want. Because, well. That is for you :-D

Monday, March 07, 2005

Hi - this is FOR YOU.

I bet you will like to read what I have to say, so you really should I tell ya.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Dance For Peaches, because...

Peaches was already taken! Oh my.
Well, I think this needs to be my new blog because I wasn't getting much of a response from my other new to me blog. Besides, I heard that it was easier for you guys to comment so maybe you will be more likely to.
There are a million things coming up so maybe I'll talk about some of them soon... for right now I am going to post this because I am just trying this out. What do you think? Hmmmnn??