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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rusted Root / Darien Lake

Last weekend we went to a Rusted Root concert and Darien Lake in Buffalo despite the nonstop rain forecast. It ended up being a really great time! The concert got moved inside a nice theater that reminded me of the Landmark (news to us thanks to Radio station 103.3) and we ended up seeing a bonus band called Vox. They really had some personality on stage!
Rusted Root called in a good crowd and played a lot of different instruments. I had no idea there were two women in the band :)
We stayed in a cabin that night rather than a tent - for only 11 dollars difference - *what a deal* (anything to keep from staying in tents in a rain storm) - had an awesome breakfast the next day at a hometown diner and went off to Darien Lake where we rode all of the coasters, got soaked by the rain in our clothes, and then went on the water rides anyway (even though we didn't plan to, but we were wet anyway).

It was a rocking good time - we decided to head home on Sunday evening even though we already had a campsite reserved, kind of water logged.

What a good way to send the summer on it's way.

I'm Learning to Scrapbook

My newest addiction is scrapbooking. Here are my first two pages, digitalized! NYC in pictures, woo hoo :)