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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Last Paper of Degree and Lentil Bake!

I just finished my last paper that I will need to complete for my degree! Next week is my last week of this class and I will be finished with school.
*Waves Hands In Air*


Now, I'm off to Wegmans to get ingredients for a Lentil Bake that my friend and I are going to try out of the Vegetarian cookbook that my dad got me for my birthday.

Can't wait for sleep tonight though, I have to say - it's been a long weekend because I had to go into work today and yesterday.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Didn't want to go out - good thing for SUVs

So, I kind of got stuck in my driveway today. I woke up and went straight outside to shovel to make sure we could get out this morning. I did a good enough job and went back inside to take a shower and make an english muffin and head out to work. It snowed again last night - right now our banks are almost as tall as we are! Valentines day was the worst day for snow. Mike stayed home and worked from here (with the flaky wireless) while I went into work because I had a doctor's appointment anyway and there is no work from home where I work.
Days like Wednesday make me wish I could work from home like I used to be able to! Oh well.
So, after I get all showered and have my english muffin in hand - Mike is shoveling the driveway again. I didn't realize that in the time that I had been in the house the plow had gone by and filled up the end of the driveway again and I got stuck in the bank on the side trying to miss his car on the way out.
It was really no big deal - 4 wheel drive is a wonderful thing and thank goodness because I would not have wanted to drive most of this week with the Cougar.

Mike gave me a CD for Valentines day called Hello Goodbye - it has some pretty cool songs on it including one that I was singing all day when we were skiing last weekend - sneaky sneaky! "I like where you are... here". It's kind of like a techno / pop / grungy... uhhh, who knows. Fun song though and awfully addictive.

Hmmm, tomorrow we are going to Winterfest to celebrate all of the snow that we've been getting lately. I think they have some kind of ticket where you can go to different pubs in Armory to taste food and drinks. I like the idea, but I'm probably going to wear a wool sweater. Hehe - we are going to celebrate.

Did I mention that Mike is almost as crazy as I am and I like him for that... he likes to go out and do fun things like go for a walk on the balmy night we had last night. By the time we walked two blocks the front of my legs were almost completely frozen, but the rest of me was warm. Thank goodness for wool sweaters.

I hope to go skiing on Sunday again - and now we have lots of snow to break our fall. It's not often that people appreciate winter and I like to do that often, even though I get frustrated when I shovel the snow and have to drive carefully. The snow banks are big enough now though that it's less dangerous (I guess - as long as there are no other cars in the way) - atleast you'll run into a bank before going into a ditch.

Now is the time of huge icicles and a ton of snow falling off of your roof. I wish it was Christmas time (without the stress of buying presents).
Maybe we should have a snow party.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Version of Blogger and hopefully other randomness

Ok, so I think you guys probably want a useful post and not the nonsense that I posted yesterday!
Well, what happened is - there is a new version of blogger, hooked in with my google account. Fine and dandy, right? Ok, one userid - I can handle this. Well, the blog post that I am typing right now is in this little editor in the browser which does not support a simple ctrl-c - which I use in every other application to copy... no can do with this. So, that's why you did not get an incredibly long blog post last night - sorry about that, you'll have to read this one instead :)

Ok, so I just finished my class work for week 5 of my final class. Pretty excited about that - but not so sure about it at the same time. I'm already thinking of what other activities I will be doing after I don't have to do coursework at least one week night and part of the day on one of the weekend days. To tell you the truth - it really hasn't been that awful, considering. I mean, the reason that you take classes at an adult education college is because you do work a full time job and they realize you have other obligations. Who knows, maybe I'll go for my masters degree next.

Insert thoughts from yesterday here which have been removed - exact "on a roll moment" cannot be recreated.

Sigh - well, it's almost time to watch Lost - Mike is playing Zelda on the Wii. I'm still thinking about reception site possibilities, which I've found are nearly impossible to investigate on the weekend, because every place I've called - the person who normally books the banquets is enjoying the weekend at the same time that I am.
It's been interesting trying to find a place to book the event because it is so different than the average wedding reception. Mike and I chose to have a very small party with just our immediate family because many of our friends are going with us to Jamaica and we will be having the party a month after the actual wedding.

Anyway... finally got to go xcountry skiing at Highland Forest this weekend! It was beautiful out.
No Hockey Game in Oswego for us yesterday though. It's been very snowy up there lately and they've been in a state of emergency much throughout last week. When Mike checked it out yeterday they said that there the roads were very difficult to travel, if not impossible. It was kind of disappointing because Mike was really looking forward to seeing the new rink that they have up there and we always have a good time when we go up. Oh well, there's always next time.

I'm still bummed about losing my blog from yesterday, because the presentation of my stories yesterday was so much cooler! I'll blog again soon.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Random Thoughts

WELL, I did type something here - a long message about my thoughts today, but Ctrl-C to save just incase my internet connection was not strong enough to post this message just typed a C.
Wonderful - I'm not typing it again because the moment is gone.
Have a nice night.