Well, then. This is FOR YOU. To have ;)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It was the busiest of times, or was that last week?

Just got home from class a little while ago - learning about bonds and preferred stock. No more than a bit of knowledge and luck.
The other class I found out that I have to do a lot of work for but there is no direction as of yet. Need to make some decisions about that one (whether to wing it, or spend a ton of time figuring out what the teacher means by researching psychology first). What company should I write a 20 page paper about? Ideas please!

Oh my gosh - I'm ready for bed - I'm exhausted!

Things that happened today:
Watch out squirrel.. you are going to... umm ... phew thank goodness you got away!
Candy corn, not very good, yet, wonderfully addictive.
I won SSO tickets for this Saturday - that rules!
Brrrrrrrr, this office is freezing.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Thanks for the kick Beezle :)

Hi, I'm here, really I am!
Been really busy lately - I have to tell you that the amount of hobbies that I have lately has gone past the normal level. This means that I have to maybe put some hobbies on hold while I work on getting tired of other ones... or something like that.
Yes! I've still been scrapbooking, fun stuff - should really upload some new album pages so there is a digital version.
Been working on the house still improving it by painting and we had some water in the basement which was not a happy time. This weekend we turn off the outside water and do any extra insulating - like putting some plastic on the windows where it seems like it would be a good idea.
The new job has been very time consuming. I've been working out at the gym and anywhere else I can whenever I have time. It's really awesome because a lot of people run at lunchtime where I work so it gets me motivated to do the same! Yesterday I ran two miles on my lunch break and did yoga after work. What a great time. I love these challenges!

Besides that I am taking two classes right now - one is Business Finance which is turning out to be really cool. We are learning about stocks, bonds, loans, cds - how not to get ripped off... ummm, things like that.. and financial statement stuff, like assets and depreciation. I find it interesting. Can't know too much about it - it always makes me think that I really should be investing my money in stocks or something but it is the risk that scares me.

AND, so the other class is my final CISS class which I am not really sure about yet because I actually haven't gone to class lately. The instructor changed the class night because it was inconvienient for someone else in the class. Unfortunately, he changed it to the night that I already had a class scheduled! Unlucky me, I have to do the work all by myself at home *smile* oh what a shame.
Hopefully my grade doesn't suffer as a result.

Oh, and I'm taking a cake decorating class with my mother. Couldn't resist after Pepino's wife made so many cool cakes for us to eat!

Ok, time to go. I'm going to go eat some peanuts.
I can't wait till the big VACATION! Cheerio.