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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Mike and I were planning on going to Highland Forest today to go Cross Country Skiiing. Well, it decided to get extremely warm - a balmy 36 degrees - so, it's raining. Not exactly good for skiing across snow. We might be able to slide down in the slush or something.

We'll see - I'm going to check a few sites online. Sometimes we can travel up north a bit and it will be perfect. I actually do not mind it being a little warmer - I won't go out if it is below 15 degrees.

I have raynaud's, a condition where the blood vessels in my hands and feet constrict not allowing blood to the fingers and toes. I have to be really careful making sure that I have hand warmers and toe warmers available during all winter activities - or fall or spring or cold night activities for that matter. Heck - sometimes I even have a problem inside my house when walking on the cold floor or opening the refridgerator. What a pain it is really...

Anyway - yea, were planning to do some outdoor activity. Should be fun.

Sameul is sitting next to me right now and I can tell that he wants to play with his tough toy frisbee because he is using it for a pillow. A minute ago he was pushing it into my lap as to say "Will you throw this please?" or "Just try and get this toy from me" - I threw it to him a couple of times.

I'm listening to pandora right now. You ever do that? It's streaming so not good to do at work necessarily but it's pretty cool for home. So - go to the site - make your own radio based on an artist that you like. I typed in "Moby" - now I'm listening to "Moby radio". Basically you get to hear a lot of different music in the same genre.

Last night Mike and I went to Santangelo's on Old Liverpool road. I was so full afterwards. Good Italian food.

Oh - and thank goodness the holidays are almost over.. there is always a couple of weeks before Christmas where I am always thinking about the proper thing to do in regards to gifts. I want to make sure that everyone is happy but then eventually I realize that the whole worry process is silly because most of my family would be happy no matter what I get them. I give that advice to other people. My brother called me at work on Christmas Eve - "What would mom like better - silver or gold jewelry?" - I told him either way would probably be fine but that I know she wears a gold ring but I had gotten her a silver necklace. He ended up getting her a watch that had both gold and silver on it. That works.

Brrrr - it's freezing in here. I bet it's 70 according to the thermostat though. It seems like this house is just cold sometimes.

Anyway - I hope that everyone had a really good holiday. I'm looking forward to New Years.

Thank you to the Anonymous Snowboarder for blogging inspiration - however, who are you?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


So, it's that time of year again when things get really stressful for most everyone I think. And, it's not just the Christmas holiday that is the problem. It's like everything must be done by the end of December. Well, OK, so we'll have to really celebrate New Years this year.
Hope everyone's holidays are good.