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Monday, October 31, 2005


Sometimes, I really just feel like crap.
Take today for example - and there really isn't a good reason for it, well, except perhaps that I did not eat breakfast until 10 (11 old time) but that shouldn't count because I often do that on the weekend. Maybe it's because I got some extra sleep? Now that makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever.

I took some Advil so hopefully this feeling will go away soon.

Until then - I have to keep reminding myself - most of the work done in this world is done by those who don't feel very well.

Friday, October 28, 2005

This stuff freaks me out!

Haunted Places in NY

I don't know about you guys - but I have actually been to some of these places!

Anyone know of any around this area, besides the Landmark or 13 curves?

They are having a ghost hunt tonight at 8 - 9pm at the Landmark - for Clarrisa? I think her name is?
I don't think stirring up the unknown (and collecting money for it) is a good idea!! oh man, I've got chills.

Also, I think this one is a safe one (haha) - has anyone ever been to the "Haunted House on the Hill" - 4834 Velasco Road, Syracuse, NY? Is that cheesy, or cool, happening this year, or what?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Did you hear that they are calling for snow?

I'm really not looking forward to it - and I'm not being facetious, oddly enough. Normally, I wouldn't be so negative about it - it's just all this darn rain!
Please, please, stop raining - who would have thought it'd be this cold and miserable - a few weeks back and we could walk around outside in short sleeves!
Well, atleast it's baking weather. *sigh*

Monday, October 24, 2005

I'll remember not to do that again!

So, you may have noticed that I've been delaying in posting anything of substance, and that's really because I feel I was such a clutz a couple weeks back and didn't want to complain too much about it, but I'm feeling better now so maybe it won't be as bad (I actually went to the gym tonight - ohh, and I do love this time of year - preparing for skiing & snowshoeing & shovelling [oh no - not really looking forward to that, but you know what I mean, right?]) - sooo... I can tell you the story if you like...

2nd weekend of October I went with Blazer to his Aunt & Uncle's 25th Wedding Anniversary near his folks' house at Burnt Hills - it was a lovely event I must say, where I had the opportunity to meet and talk with some really great people.

It would have been better, for me at least... you see - the only problem was the morning before where I decided that I would try to hang from his parent's porch - you know, like you would on monkey bars or something. Well, it didn't go like I planned - at all. In fact - it resulted in the most pain that I have felt in a while - perhaps the most physical pain that I have ever felt.

I tried to jump up and grab the porch rafter, my hands slid, and I fell directly on my rear, brusing my tailbone, I think. If I was trying to be rumble tough - this resulted in the exact opposite behavior. What a whimp I am! Instead, I curled into a ball.

With all of the stuff I do - this is how I get hurt?! Amazing!
But hey, I don't know if any of you have ever done this to the extreme that I did, but it is truly awful - I was thankful to still be able to attend the party. Blazer's mom made sure that I had enough wine at dinner to dull the pain and to keep me smiling big - in EVERY photograph. His family is a fun loving group! They even adopted the waiter - Denis. I felt pretty comfortable - odd for me because I'm normally a pretty shy person - especially in large groups where I don't know anyone!

Side note - that weekend we watched - i, ROBOT - a definite must see movie if you haven't seen it. Will Smith plays a great role - someone who has a hate / need for the robot technology of the world. Very interesting!

Does your heart ever skip a beat when you hear a noise?

Oh my goodness! So, I'm paying my bills - just now - and I hear this thump, like a noise I wouldn't generally hear, and I creep out of my office - all stealthy like - with a cat comb as a weapon no less... to find that it was probably just the rain, or the cats, or the floor boards or something - the door is locked and there is noone in the basement. Oh, my gosh!
Anyway, so now my heart is racing - does this ever happen to anyone else?

Pumpkin from my little sister

My little sister made me this Halloween Pumpkin at

Cute, huh? :-D

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Gasping for Air

This morning I was driving behind a truck which had a sign on the back:

"Safety Kleen"

There was also a globe and underneath it said "environmentally friendly".

I was literally choking from the truck's fumes!

Much more to blog about later! Just thought I'd share... Cheerio

Monday, October 03, 2005

Dance Class

I am out of practice in my dancing and I know the reason - no practice really - I mean - I can still follow pretty well if someone is leading the dance, and I don't know if any of you have danced before, but - from my perspective after I've been practicing dance often I can expect the unexpected - and since I haven't been dancing even turns are beginning to come as a surprise to me.
I danced a normal salsa dance for like half of a song tonight while the instructor was getting some water and I realize how much I need to practice.

I'm looking to get into other kinds of dances too - not just salsa dancing, though it's definetely my favorite so far.

I'd love to learn the waltz. Also, I actually didn't consider this before, but after my Tuesday night classes change I might like to see about Tango.
There are some middle eastern dances I've been considering too, where you don't dance with a partner.

I know it's crazy and most people probably think I'm obsessed - but I just love to dance, especially partner dances. I'm not crazy about circle dances, but Rueda is nice because it's a parnter circle dance.

The instructor offered to have women come into the Wednesday night Rueda class as leaders (the male part) because often the classes have more women, and I'm considering that... it would have helped when I ended up dancing Rueda as a leader at the Westcott Fair a couple weeks back.


It's hard to swallow the fact that...

Knowing one simple command would have saved hours!

Fizzing Whizbees!

Pepino just gave me some Fizzing Whizbees! They were made by Harry Potter :) - Flavor de la Orange.

The Sandwich CHIEF

Old Liverpool Road - Stuffed Sandwiches that make you really full.
Worth checking out - I had the Turkey Reuben Sandwich today and it was really good.

It warmed me up after I had to sit in a really cold room in a thin dress for what seemed like hours reading "Country Living" magazine!
Ahh, doctors offices are grand.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Productive weekend

Both yesterday and today have been very busy work at home days.

Yesterday my dad and brother came over to help me install 4 basement windows - we knocked out the old ones secured pressure treated boards to the bottom sills and put the windows in with a level - screwed the windows in and used some shims and then caulked around all of the edges. I've yet to insulate them with "Good Stuff" - but the majority is done.
We talked a lot too - and had a bbq - that was fun.
Oh, and my dad got that tree off of my house - he cut it in just the right places so it would come down without damaging things further and chopped into pieces that I could carry. Thank goodness that I live close to my family. There is no way that I would consider using a chainsaw - especially not having done it before.

So, today I picked up all of the pieces of wood and lugged them back to the woods behind my house and stacked the fireplace sized ones near my fence - what a chore. Had to be done though, I figure - and now it is.

Fall Fall Fall - so you may recall that I was going to turn my furnace on - well, I tried doing that. Turns out that it's just not working right now. Doesn't sound like the igniter is working - so it just doesn't kick on. That's fine - the furnace is 25 years old - maybe I need a new one. The renovators who sold me the house did not think to replace it.
I was going to wait, but it's necessary to have heat in the CNY Winter, so I called the furnace repairman today and he's coming on Wednesday evening. Tada.

And on that note - I'm going to go elsewhere. I've been working on C++ for a long while today and I think I need to sleep on this one.

Goodnight, folks. Cheers.