Well, then. This is FOR YOU. To have ;)

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Instructions to Boot!

Booten Sie Das System! Ha :-p

Arranque El Sistema, senor!

Initialisez Le Systeme, muhaha!

Effettuare Il Boot Del Sistema

Starta Systemet - ack?

*Insert Chinese Characters here*!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What are you looking forward to today?

13 High Quality Campgrounds - I'm going to the first one on the list this coming weekend - I think.
My dad reserved a site at reserveamerica.com (the ever important campground reserving link! [as deemed by yours truly]) for Cranberry Lake this weekend.
I guess he is going Friday till Monday - I plan to go up at some point. I've heard that the black fly time should be coming to an end and the weather will be great so it will be optimal time to visit the Adirondacks.
It'll be great because Cranberry Lake is very near the high peak region. It's going to be beautiful - it has been a while.

Other things I'm looking forward to (short term):
People randomly setting off fireworks in my neighborhood
Another morning paper!
Ice Cream at lunch tomorrow (with "Herbie's?" hotdogs?)
Thoughts of my vacation at the end of July
More C++ Homework!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Another Paper !! NO

So, last night I am sitting in my livingroom relaxing and I hear this noise outside and my outside light goes on! I carefully run to the window and when I do not see anyone outside of it I swiftly close it.
I check my yard for any movement (who could be outside?)... and then sit silently listening. After a few minutes, I realize that it must have been my imagination and decide to go to bed.

This morning I found a paper in my mailbox. Blast! I was visited by the Post-Standard men in the middle of the night!
Good thing Pepino needs these papers...I still haven't read through all of Sunday's!

There is no way that I'm signing up for this full time - the Post-Standard can just forget it.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Terrible Migrane & The Post-Standard

Two unrelated subjects, but equally important ... perhaps?

Last night I had the worst headache that I've had in several years... since I was in college, actually. I am still recovering, ugh...
It started when I was making waffles for the morning last night - I was in my kitchen & the temperature in there was pretty warm, nothing to think 2x about when I started to get this headache. I tried to ignore it, but it progressed to be worse & worse until I could barely stand up.
Of course, I am a glutton for punishment ... so, I continued with making the waffles and downed some water (3 full glasses) thinking that I was maybe a bit dehydrated. By the time I was done making the food, I was very very nauseous.
I had planned on watching some TV before bed but there was just no way. I had barely enough willpower to brush my teeth and make my way to bed.
I tossed and turned gripping my head until I could fall asleep and woke up several times from the pain.
Thank goodness that this doesn't happen to me that often. I can't imagine what caused it??

On another note, I'm getting the Post-Standard paper on a free trial basis for 4 weeks. I agreed to this on the telephone a couple weeks back, however, I didn't realize that they would be delivering a paper to me every day!
I thought I would only get a paper on Sunday!!! So, I didn't even get through yesterday's paper, and I have a new one today.

Now totally unrelated... does anyone know if the Westcott Theater has a webpage?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

OK! So now, I need to ask the question & you can answer the question

Rather than vice-versa...

Why do you think Marshmallows taste all vanillaeee?

BTW - your answer will lead to resolution of an important debate so please answer truthfully. Thanks!! :)

Tomorrow's Forecast :)

High of 95degrees
Low of 70

Mainly sunny. Warmer. High around 95F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph.
UV Index: 9 Very High

Yesterday's Adrenaline

Yesterday I went to P&C to buy some ingredients to make ice pops - (my grandmother gave me some of those little Tupperware ice-pop freeze containers - oh the good memories, did you ever have them when you were a kid?) ... and when I was walking out of the store was nearly hit by a car!

The old lady barely missed me (I mean by inches) and then shooed me past. I guess luck was on my side.
I thought to myself, nothing like a near hit to stir up my day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Overheard people talking about this yesterday at school:

Center Closing

They were talking about over 100 people losing their jobs - at Rome Labs? - guess it's true...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I'm thinking, but no....

CNN is showing the story of the 11-yr old boy who was lost in the Utah wilderness for 4 days. I guess that the weather out there held up until the researchers could find the boy - he isn't saying why he ran off yet, but his family is glad he's safe.
Miracles do happen, I guess... kudos to the rescuers.

Just got home from class (a little after 11) & I was thinking on the way home - this programming is minutes of fun in hours! But really, I do enjoy it & am picking up a lot from this course. The assignments are very time consuming & we've been staying really late every week.

New Landscape

All last week & this, there have been landscaping guys working outside of my building removing bushes and laying down mulch, mowing the lawn, etc. It looks really nice outside now - we have flowers!

Oh, and this past weekend - one of my roses bloomed for the first time...

I love summer :)

NEXT Thursday is Widewaters Day & they give us free hotdogs & icecream truck icecream at lunchtime across the street!

:) Now, THAT's almost better than the salt potatoes at Salty's.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Doesn't matter, Doesn't Matter, Doesn't Matter

I was ok with it, but I just lost it today. In fact, it doesn't matter so much, that it was hard to swallow. But... I wasn't about to let anyone see that..

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Funny stuff

Today my sister and I went to the park - I rollerbladed & she rode her bike. We were sitting down having a snack break when we saw this guy riding by on his bicycle.
He would get going really fast pedaling, then stand up on the petals and do a full body "groove". It was funny because this guy did not look weird otherwise and he didn't seem to have headphones on...
We were watching him and my sister said the funniest thing (well, I thought so) - "Hey - that guy is crazier than you!"
Hahahah - I said, "I'm not crazy, am I?" & she said, Yah, a little!"


Oh, and I let her try on my rollerblades (she's never been on rollerblades before) - what an experience that was!
Not even close to when I took her swimming where she could barely touch for her first time though - that was much more dramatic, heh.


Friday, June 17, 2005

Dunkin Donuts - Those commercials tell the truth!

So, my mom and I were on a mission last night and in our travels we stopped at a Dunkin Donuts. She got one of the new Ice Coffees that we are hearing about on the radio all of the time.
You know the commercials, Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee - you bored? tired? working on a website? - get a Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee, now in Coconut and Blueberry! "Hey, wow, I'm not tired anymore! So, what do you want to do now?" ... Ya, those commercials.

Well, after my mom was done drinking the coffee she said - "I'm not tired any more - the commercials tell the truth!" I said, "Mom, now THAT's a blog entry". So, there you go, that is for you :-p

TO HAVE, have a nice day!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Amount of Olives Subway deems appropriate for the footlong veggie sub

SIX - and that is not a whole olive either - this is the slice-ed kind ;)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Alas, how do you like that!

Seven of Diamonds
Ace of Clubs
Ten of Clubs
Ace of Spades
King of Spades

Function countEm executing; counting values...

Function checkPair executing...
You have at least one pair.

Function checkPairs executing...
You may or may not have one pair, but you
definitely don't have two.

Function checkForThree executing...
Oh, you DON'T have three cards that match!

Function checkForFour executing...
Ok, I know - it's nearly impossible to get
4 of a kind, but we tried!

Press any key to continue

Less than 8 hours of sleep = longer life

I read on the internet yesterday that less than 8 hours of sleep causes you to live longer and that it is beneficial to get less than 8 as long as you are getting more than 4.
I think I got around 5 last night - so I guess I'm doing pretty good :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Well, that was fun - ok, ok, it was obsessive

I just got home from class - oh my! That is the latest that I have stayed at the college in a long time - normally I'm out of there by atleast 10 o'clock!
I was busy though (and not alone mind you) obsessing over this C++ program that is supposed to deal poker cards and run some queries of sorts (to determine if you have 2 of a kind, 3 of a kind, 4, straights, etc). Let me tell you this right now - passing multidimentional arrays of constant character pointers from function to function is not recommended. If attempted (especially late in the day), this procedure will cause multiple errors of undeterminable cause!
After I tried to get the program to work for approximately two hours, the teacher made a comment that he could not figure out a similar program on another student's computer whom he had been helping for the latter majority of the evening (she was also passing the pointers). Soooo, I have now decided to stick to integers that point to character strings indirectly and more than likely I will be able to work on this better after some sleep.
Phew. That was a lot of typing. Ok, so... I guess the reason that I really wanted to get this finished is because the deadline was tonight - but he is giving everyone who stayed late a one day extension (shh). Late night class is a tricky influencer.
I think maybe I just need some quiet to get it finished - people attempting to explain things to eachother in the class is a bit of a distraction. Also, after looking at something for 3 hours it tends to blur together - you know what I mean... the clearness is in reach though, I can feel it - it's invigorating. :-p

And to think what I really wanted to give you tonight was a recipe for cooking Rhubarb singleton style - ohh, and I need more Rhubarb because it is sooooo sweet.

Goodnight now :)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Impromptu Chorus Concert

UPDATE: NO Air Conditioning at Concert
Can you believe it? Hahaha, it was so hot in there, it was like I jinxed myself for writing my previous post. Everyone was using the concert flyer as a fan - you could see the sweat on everyone and as the room filled up it got even hotter. The staff was apologizing for the heat - it must have been over 90 degrees in there, hahaha, oh well.
I'm such a tourist at these things; I brought two cameras and was running into people with them on the way in.
My little sister sang very well - as I listened to the concert I realized that I recognized the songs, not because they are popular - but because she practices them on a normal basis, lol. She was so proud up there...

After the concert I went to the Rueda class - it was good, lack of partners though, so I decided to sit out at the end... hmmm, that makes me think - I know some people who might appreciate the beginner salsa ;)
back to work tomorrow, time for sleepy.

Also, keep your eyes out for some movie reviews later in the week - I picked up some new movies today!!

From Earlier:
So, I guess I'm going to a concert put on by 8 and 9 year olds tonight - I hope it's air conditioned in there! My little sister calls (and I can't say no - I don't want to go, because she's so darn cute on the message machine).
"Well, I guess your not there.... I just was calling ... Well, I know it's short notice, but I only found out today, because I forgot - my concert is at 6:45 and I want you to go!"

Also, I have no excuses - the school is 5 minutes from my house. I went to the one at Christmastime & it was awful cute - even though it's crowded & chaotic too!

What a deal! Here goes nothing...


I had this great idea that I was going to try LAKE swimming tonight - unfortuantely, Oneida Shores and Jamesville Beach are not open every day until after the weekend!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The week has gone by so fast

I hope to sleep well tonight! I just got back from the park - I rollerbladed Salt Museum to Concession 4 times in a row. I know, sounds pretty insane on a hot, muggy day like today! But, hey, I went swimming first!

I was going to get up at 5am today and go to see the Balloons take off again (as I did yesterday, if I don't post pics on this post, I'll post them soon, omg chasing hot air balloons is so cool) but instead ended up waking up after 5:30 so I didn't go (I had people here until midnight after playing volleyball yesterday until my brother broke the pole that holds the net up, LOL.).

Oh yea - and it's been an interesting week for sleeping with the hotness, I tell ya.

I picked a great week for going to the beach - and I actually did that once last week. My mom generally comes over every Thursday night and so on the spur of the moment I suggested that we head out to the water. (Hahah, also Thursday - I ate nothing but icecream until about 7pm - because I can!) There just happened to be this pretty cool car show and oldies music playing when we showed up. Later, we walked down the beach in the water past people playing in the volleyball tournament in the background. It was excellent.

That's pretty much what my vacation has been - Play, Work (on house stuff), Eat, Study, Sleep - (and not necessarily in that order).

I can't believe it's almost over! I heard next week it is supposed to be cooler - after that weather from Flordia comes our way?


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Frisbee Golf

So, yesterday I was at Home Depot - my grandfather suggested that it's a good idea to have a backup tank for your grill incase you are in the middle of grilling & you run out of gas.
So, I had one of the orange coats help me get an empty tank & then get it filled as a backup.

I was waiting for someone to retrieve the empty tank for me while this Home Depot fellow explained Frisbee golf to me in it's entirety! He only had his right arm.
I guess there is a course at Green Lakes and the object of the game is to have multiple frisbees - one for each person who is playing - similar to the golfballs in golf. So each person throws at a target and they have to throw again until they reach the goal - each time par goes up. Rules for golf apply - whoever gets the target in the least amount of throws wins!
Pretty neat, anyway. I guess Green Lakes is the best (they even have scorecards), but you can play anywhere.

Wooo hoo! An game idea for a bbq!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Every vacation I have a favorite candy...

Last vacation it was the variety of lifesavers - this vacation it is saltwater taffy (especially the peppermint kind).
I'm sorry - you can't have any right now, because I ate it all!

Oh, and I got my volleyball / badmitton set at Wegmans :-p (along with the saltwater taffy, of course)

It's HOT today! And I am not kiddin' folks - I worked in the yard earlier and ended up downing two glasses full of ice tea, and then another cup.

I'm listening to the Beatles - oh how heavenly. What would the world be without Beatles music on occasion?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My friends are so cool

I received this message today on IM - "Your Princess Tiarra arrived yesterday. I forgot to bring it in for you today, sorry..."

Hahahaha, it's ok, my crowd will wait... *tips head back with pride* lmao

Yum Ernie just caught a moth.. :-p

Nonstop since before 6am!

Oh my - I've been going full force since before 6am this morning - I'm finally home. I think my cats are saying, "Who is this girl? Does she live here?"
I came home at around 5 o'clock for about 10 minutes before I had to go to class, what a busy day!
I loved it.

The events of the day included:
Going to work to drop off the pager
Taking Grandma out to breakfast and to Pier 1 Imports
Helping my good friend at the Tanning Salon with his virus scanner
Looking for a volleyball / badmitton set (still do not have one - tomorrow, I hope)
Going to class & listening to a lecture

Fun stuff - I am kind of glad to be back in classes right now, but it was awful nice having a little break for the last 4 weeks or so - REALLY. Now, I have homework due! Eh, I like going to class too though - at least it is air conditioned... Otherwise I would be snoozing in there!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Now She's Chlorinated!

I went swimming tonight! First time swimming outdoors this year, ahh yea!

Feeling hot hot hot

Today I woke up and almost thought that my vacation had started already - it felt like I should sleep in today - it was so warm last night! Hmmm, maybe I won't get away with not putting the air conditioner in this year after all.

Yesterday, I took my brother and his friend rollerblading at the park - it was really HOT out! (What a surprise :-P)
My brother sat in the back seat of my car with his friend when we got back (as a joke [I think] - a funny sight, actually - he does NOT fit back there [both kids are about 6foot3, give or take] and the room = not much) as my brother was tilting his head to the side he said, "I feel like I just got out of the pool!" No kidding?! Ack! Me too!

I guess the pool is open over at my grandparents house - I plan to take full advantage of that this week.

This weekend was just AMAZING - I saw some really cute animals - both at the zoo and playing in a fountain (though the animals in the fountain were of the cutest toddler variety - one of the little kids was losing his shorts - his little butt was hanging out!! :-o Too adorable for words! But, he was having so much fun, awww)

Oh, and I heard today, at the downtown office the air conditioning is broken! I am so happy that I don't have to work down there - they said it was 95 degrees, yikes! The the only thing that I can think of is overheating computers and overheated people - not a good combination.

More soon... I think I need a haircut...

Friday, June 03, 2005

Boldog szuletesnapot TO YOU!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Check out my Ribbon!

This looks like fun