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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Relaxing day

So, a lot has been going on lately so I decided not to do anything too much today - just whatever came up but no plans. I had a couple options - a group of friends were going to Ithaca to see a band and another group was going to see the movie "Watchmen" but I decided to stay around home and go out shopping by myself as I have not done that in a while.
This morning I got up at 8, fed Sam and ate last night's left over dessert (I had a Pampered Chef party last night which might be why I decided that I wanted some down time today) and watched "Good Morning America". I never watch TV. Today I did.

Then, sometime before 9 and while listening to the weatherman say that it was going to be beautiful in the morning and not so beautiful in the afternoon (we had a high of 50 today - woo hoo! Muddy mud everywhere) I took Samuel for a run around the neighborhood which was wonderful. We enjoyed what sunshine there was and then came inside for breakfast.

I hung around with Mike and did some browsing on the internet.
I went shopping around 4pm and got back a while ago. What a crazy place Marshalls is on a Saturday - so many people.

Well, Mike just called and wants me to go over and play some card games with friends. Should be a good time although all of this "relaxing" has made me very tired!