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Sunday, May 20, 2007

A lot to ponder

Agenda: Paint House, print wedding party invitations, plan for travel and attending our friend's wedding

So, this weekend we really got started on painting our house. It was a tan color before we started and I guess the people who lived here before painted the house like 4 years ago and with cedar shakes you have to plan to paint about every 4 years. With painting we've found that the house has been several colors - including blue and a light maroon.
I was kind of excited about painting the house in the beginning. I have to admit though that after a couple of set backs I was getting a little frustrated.
We actually picked up the paint last weekend and Mike powerwashed the back of the house so we could get started during the week. Everything was fine until I started painting the house and it ended up being an almost pink color... You know the kind of color that you would see a lot of houses painted in the warmer states - like California and Arizona. It was like a peachy tan and Mike was really not happy with it at all - at that point I really wanted to keep painting so we could get it done, but deep down I think that I was agreeing with him because the color was a bit much and I think that our friends may have been impressed when they came to visit :)

So, back to Home Depot last week and we had them remix the paint - the paint is very expensive because it is the exterior paint that already has the primer mixed in. The idea is that we will only have to paint the house with one coat, rather than using a primer and then a color afterwards.

We're now painting the house kind of a mocha color.

So after remixing the paint, we started painting again and it just seemed like it took forever to really cover up the pink color and get the paint in all of the cedar shake grooves. Oh well. Once we got past that part it seemed to go faster. It will be done, eventually, just have to keep at it and keep the painting house spirit up with our custom house color ways!

Right now we have the entire back lower half complete - I'd say we're about about 1/5 of the way done.

And of course, lately I've been thinking more and more about our trip to Jamaica and getting married. It's on my mind quite a bit because I know that even though it doesn't seem like much will change - I know it will some... For instance, tonight I was writing out my bills and I wrote my name out as the return sender on an envelope - it is going to be so different signing a different name. I don't think I ever imagined that I'd really change my name, or even thought of it... Really, can you imagine? The only name you've ever written and then it changes. I'll get used to it and have no problem - it's just interesting!
I've still been doing a lot of wedding preparation too - whenever I get thinking about it. I still have to order some supplies for the wedding party when we get back like favors and supplies for the centerpieces. And this week I plan on printing out the invitations and sending them out, so when that's done everything else that happens doesn't really matter all that much - as long as people come that means it's a party of sorts, right?

The first couple weeks of June are going to be crazy for me - we are going out of town for Mike's friend Stumpy's wedding the first weekend - 1st, 2nd - on the 3rd I leave for 4 day work travel returning on Thursday night - Friday I go to work and then run the Corporate Challenge after which should be fun. I should do okay running too - I've been practicing running at least 2 times a week - 3 if I'm doing good and I'm still going to Bridal Boot Camp on Thursdays. My goal with that is to run the whole 5k without stopping. I've run 4 miles 2x in the past month - something I haven't been able to do since High School. I was pretty proud and kind of feeling like death after the 4 mile run last week. It wasn't as bad as the one time I felt like I might puke though! Sounds like fun to all of you who wouldn't dream of running. Yea, in a way I don't blame you. So after the race - we'll be off again to Mike's parents. So I pretty much will be away and busy for the first couple weeks of June. And you know - this whole summer will probably be busy and fly by. I would have it no other way.

Anyone know where I can buy some affordable reliable disposable cameras?