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Friday, July 28, 2006


Another update for Mozilla Firefox - - go to "Help" and check for your updates. Stop Firefox from being a little piggy. :)

Updates soon - I've yet to tell you about NYC & the official move! (You know the biggest Uhaul there is - I was the truck driver! Don't go around me motorcyclist!)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Class Tonight

Because we missed class two weeks ago, the instructor is combining the Midterm with the Final!! One less assignment!

Unfortunately, we get the final next week.

Changing my world...

I am enjoying this change - moving into the new house, getting things organized.
I was so tired last night from doing a lot of work over the weekend.

It's really great feeling that I'm making the new house as nice as I can and having Mike there with me with the same interest in mind.
We moved a lot of stuff in this weekend, did some cleaning, fixing & painting. Doesn't sound like a lot when I talk about it, but it was a lot of moving things around and packing / unpacking.
By the end of a day doing that I get tired out!

I do have to say though, no matter, it is SO GREAT.

Key Events since my last post (list - not necessarily in order):
Garage sale - sold a bunch of stuff
Went to Mike's parents house
Visited Lake George with Mike's family and had an excellent dinner at Simple Simon's. Then, we played minature golf!
4th of July party on the 2nd of July at Mike's grandmother's house - volleyball & swimming - aka a little piece of heaven!
Lake George cliff jumping again with friends (I know that it's crazy and dangerous - shouldn't have done it - chest hurt for 3 days afterwards)
Lake George tubing with friends & my girlfriends UNCLE Tom! So much fun :)
Work, Work.
Bank inspector came to inspect my house - haven't heard from him yet
Took the rest of unwanted stuff to the salvation army
Took pretty much everything off of the walls at the old house
Closed on the new house!! -- Yes! --
Moved some stuff to the house
Looked around - ooooo ahhhhhh ;)
Mike & I had our first dinner in the house - BBQ & Wine.
Chose paint colors & retrieved paint (discovered Sears Hardware store)
Moved more stuff & showed Dad the house
Painted room upstairs
Mike put together our new and slightly too large Corner Entertainment stand - anyone looking for one? It's real wood!

I'm officially staying at the new house now, still working on things, next weekend we will move all of the big furniture.

So many exciting things going on. Can you believe that I'm going to NYC on Wednesday until Friday???

I can't.

Very busy time, but as they say at McDonald's:
I'm Llllllloving it!