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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Christmas makes normal people crazy - or is it Walmart?

So, today my main goal is to make significant progress on these article reviews that I have to do for school. I went to the library to get away from home where all of my stuff is because I get very distracted while I am there. When the library closed I decided to return this pair of pants that I purchased on Thanksgiving night at Walmart and then head over to Panera Bread (where I am now).
First, I'm parking my car in the parking lot - avoiding all of the crazy pedestrians crossing from the store to the parking lot. Now this is the store in Cicero - did you ever realize that there were quite so many people in Cicero? Walmart is like the gathering place I think. I didn't know about this, but I don't think I want to go back there for a very long time - at least until after the holiday. Anyway, so I park my car, I drop my keys when I get out onto the pavement. They are covered in MUSTARD of all things. Totally disgusting. Who dropped mustard?
So, then I grab my things from my car and I am about to walk into the store when this excited woman in a minivan speeds into the parking spot next to mine. She went into the spot so quickly that she didn't get it right, but that didn't stop her from just as quickly readjusting her car and nearly hitting mine! I couldn't help but look at her in amazement. She proceeded to run into the store. Imagine - she was wearing a pooh bear sweatshirt.
Anyway, so avoiding getting hit by cars, I double check to make sure my car is locked. There are people running every which way.
I go into Walmart with my return to the Customer Service location. I cannot imagine what this will be like after Christmas because right now the line is outside of the designated waiting area. There is a man apologizing again and again about his complaining while he continues to complain about his newly purchased billboard set. "There are scratches on it obviously", he states. "I'm sorry, but it is my first pool table. I simply cannot have scratches on it. Sorry, but I cannot have scratches on it. If this one is like that, they all must be." An associate walks by me apologizing to me for the wait. I am not angry, so I tell her the wait is fine.

Christmas makes people crazy - I don't wish to join the madness so I'm going to Jamaica! :)