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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ok, I know it's hot!

My office is more than 100 degrees, I am sure of it. I can't believe that my computer isn't screaming.
The outdoors smells like cut flowers and the moon looks odd tonight - it's almost unrecognizable.

Which causes me to question, if you saw something unidentifiable in the sky - would you drive towards it or away from it?

Contemplating similarities and routine tonight as I blog in waves ;)
Crazy Blogger Girl - aka, peach.

PS. peaches are in season it seems right now, I had the best peach today, pick them up at your local Farmer's Market!
Seems my viewers have an obsession with Coocoo..


At 1:54 PM, Blogger Andy said...

Oh wow. So you weren't one of the Mattydale that got the central air conditioning when they were giving it away for free huh? Drag,...my parent's place is uhber cool in the summer!

Gotta drive towards the unidentifiable thing in the sky.

Then again I've gone out during Tornado watches in the last few years hoping to find one. Seeing as all we ever get around here are the little F1 jobbers when I do finally fine one the plan is to drive right into it!

So consider the source, I vote to drive towards it.


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