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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Story for you

You'll have to forgive me for blabbering on if that is what I am about to do, for I have just completed my midterm in C++ Take 2.
I had to write this counter, in the most complicated way that I could figure or imagine in my head because it couldn't be that easy, could it? I was trying to make it the best possible way that I could with the knowledge that I have thus far from this course, while being out of practice because it was just the weekend mind you. Oh, my brain is on fire!

So, now for the story:
You might know that I take my class on the airforce base here... which is sometimes interesting because you have to prove that you are not a killer or terrorist sometimes and that can be hard with old student ids, etc.
So, I'm driving to school and the entrance is blocked off - I vaguely was remembering the memo from 2 weeks ago saying that I should enter in a different area. This is great, by the way, because they are finally paving the road which they tore up on base for some reason and it makes it a pain to rush to class when there is a million rocks everywhere and the road is a hole where pavement once was. But anyway!
So, it was raining and thundering and I'm trying to find the place where I should go in, because the other place was blocked off.

I find this nearby entrance, just around the corner from where I normally go in - except this entrance is plastered with signs saying things like "Authorized Military Persons only" - yikes! I'm not authorized, am I?

So, I drive up anyway and there is this truck blocking the road, now remember it's all dark and rainy and thundering. So, this guy gets out of his truck with a huge GUN. I mean - the gun is bigger than me. And he's fumbling with it. He's trying to carry this huge thing. He is mad, (I think to myself), because I am making him walk in the rain.
He walks over - and I say "I'm looking for the College" and he says "Yep. It's here." - hmmm ok - so I get my ID and he's inspecting my student ID, like I'm a criminal, now remember, he is still carrying the big gun and it is nearly falling off of him... he's eyeing me and then the ID and so, I smile - trying to let him know that I am not a criminal.
Note: Never Smile at a big guy with a gun! It makes him more angry. So, after a minute he let's me through ... "Miss. Do you know how to get to the college directly. You just follow the road left at the intersection, yes, that's right."

PheW! Hahaha, ok, it doesn't sound that scary, but it was interesting nonetheless. And I felt like rambling on, so there...

ohh, and none of this really matters, because I'm going on vacation at the end of the month :-p

Now, I need some rest.


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