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Monday, November 07, 2005

Thoughts while in class

I don't know if I've blogged this yet or not - but this semester I am taking two classes. They are two pretty high level courses too, not really hard, mostly time consuming - I'm auditing one (Systems Analysis & Design) so I will be on time to take the second half next semester and also taking the last of a series (Advanced Algorithms in C++).

After signing myself up for the second class (SA&D), I kept on thinking to myself that when I finish taking classes someday that I should cater a Starbucks cappuccino maker team and invite all of my friends over to party because this is just too insane! I just have to remember that I have been busier than this before...

And... I guess October is a time that it seems every year just gets really busy - and that's when this all started sooo - well, times change and the amount of busyness really depends on the time of year and circumstance, so it will change soon enough.

The odd thing about it is that I have all of these thoughts and am really motivated to organize lately, but it seems that I just haven't the time!

Additionally, I'm looking forward to the downtime of Thanksgiving - granted, most of you probably would never imagine that I'd be saying that type of thing - but it's true now - and I think maybe I've changed my thoughts a slight bit on that - I really do like to have some time to have fun and visit with those I care about outside of the obligation of work and school.

Anyway, so I'm sitting in class tonight - and the teacher is reviewing things that I've heard in class several times and I was just realizing for probably the millionth time (yet it still is surprising to me) how vast the field of computers really is - the possibilities are immense. You can pretty much change any process that you have in business and make it customized to the most efficient way by designing a computer system - that process too will eventually have to be revised to a new level of efficiency that will continue to evolve over time.
The evolution of the information technology field is one thing that is not going to change. It is still constantly evolving - and there is so much to learn - that's my conclusion. I could spend hours and days and years learning and never not have something new to learn. That's what makes it so great and why I'm still intrigued by it.

Too bad all technology would be rendered useless if we all lost power.

And now that I've rambled on - I must say I am exhausted - goodnight folks, more later.


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