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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mostly Good News

Good News:
Perfect Score on 2 complicated programs that I submitted last week
Final Day of Semester
Figured out problem with my computer was the power supply (I hope) - looks good so far
Looks like I've got all my data - even though I had to reinstall - thank goodness for the flexibilty of our newer operating systems and my partitioning self - who knew I would actually care (mp3s & my programs folks) - I could go on into a story but maybe you can imagine
Got the movie "Superstar" back from my brother so I can watch it over Christmas break - shhhhhh
Almost have him convinced that I'd really like a wireless router for Christmas :) - (sha right) and I now have some ideas for him
Getting my speakers working after a bit of tweaking
Listening to awesome music that I bought while in Toronto earlier this year
Almost sleep time

Bad news:
Forgetting most of Ch11 including the Huffman tree structure - a 14 point question on the final - grrr who knew - probability is not for me - that's for you!

Oh, my machine isn't rebooting? *smiles*


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