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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Nonstop since before 6am!

Oh my - I've been going full force since before 6am this morning - I'm finally home. I think my cats are saying, "Who is this girl? Does she live here?"
I came home at around 5 o'clock for about 10 minutes before I had to go to class, what a busy day!
I loved it.

The events of the day included:
Going to work to drop off the pager
Taking Grandma out to breakfast and to Pier 1 Imports
Helping my good friend at the Tanning Salon with his virus scanner
Looking for a volleyball / badmitton set (still do not have one - tomorrow, I hope)
Going to class & listening to a lecture

Fun stuff - I am kind of glad to be back in classes right now, but it was awful nice having a little break for the last 4 weeks or so - REALLY. Now, I have homework due! Eh, I like going to class too though - at least it is air conditioned... Otherwise I would be snoozing in there!


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