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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Movie times

I watched that movie "The Fockers" with my dad today! Funny stuff, though some content will not be suitable for all ages.
I didn't watch "Meet The Parents" (which I guess this is a sequel to) but my dad filled me in enough to where I could pull the pieces together. No matter what Ben Stiller did to try to impress his girlfriend's dad in the movie, it ended up being a disaster.
It was all caused by the intimidation of her father though - and Ben's parents were so easy going (too much actually) which made the uptight parents uncomfortably funny.
If I had to choose, I definetely would rather visit the easy going family - the one who is closer and makes the guests feel comfortable.
It was hilarious to see how uncomfortable Ben was when communicating with his gf's father.. their communication faults were so amplified, but I've met people who have some of the father's qualities :) heheh

Another movie that I watched this week was that Robots animated film - it had some good humor in it and some great graphics. Robots travel in something that resembles a pinball machine - watch for the main character's side kick (he's red) - he's the silly one. Recommended for a younger audience though, it's very tolerable - enough to keep the interest, but not the best animated film I've seen.
Did anyone else hear that they are coming out with a Shrek 3?


At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Yogurt said...

God willing, we'll all meet again in Shrek 3: The Search for More Money!


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