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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What are you looking forward to today?

13 High Quality Campgrounds - I'm going to the first one on the list this coming weekend - I think.
My dad reserved a site at reserveamerica.com (the ever important campground reserving link! [as deemed by yours truly]) for Cranberry Lake this weekend.
I guess he is going Friday till Monday - I plan to go up at some point. I've heard that the black fly time should be coming to an end and the weather will be great so it will be optimal time to visit the Adirondacks.
It'll be great because Cranberry Lake is very near the high peak region. It's going to be beautiful - it has been a while.

Other things I'm looking forward to (short term):
People randomly setting off fireworks in my neighborhood
Another morning paper!
Ice Cream at lunch tomorrow (with "Herbie's?" hotdogs?)
Thoughts of my vacation at the end of July
More C++ Homework!!


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