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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Love for Cranberries

From the Can, Not the Band

Mmmmmm, I'm eating my first bit of Cranberry Sauce this year - the one with the Berries, not only the Gel.
It's one of my favorite foods - oh my goodness!

So, I'm in P&C the other day picking up some stuff for el Barbeque - yes, this very past weekend - it's Mid-November and we're still grilling! (And I plan to do it all winter this year - yes, yes, it's true - I will grill in January! Muhahah) P&C has all the convenient Thanksgiving items laid out for you there in the aisle - and I was drawn to the island like I had elastic that was pulling me towards the rows of cans of pumpkin and fluffernutter - CRANBERRY SAUCE... mmmm.

You know what's the best though - when you take cranberry sauce and you mix it with walnuts. Step away from the cranberries guys!

I'll just distract all of you with the turkey and I'll make way with my cranberries.


Another thing that I want to mention - this weekend I also heard "Holy Joly Christmas" playing in the store. Can you believe it? It's that time already!

Speaking of that - who would like to hibernate through all of the holiday season? Sometimes I think I would, but secretly I really like it - it's just really hard to buy presents - I know, most women are really good at this kind of thing, right? Buying presents, going shopping - doing little special things around Christmas... I guess that's what I get for living with my dad for a better part of my growing up.

Now, if you need help stringing up your lights... j/k!

Ok, should really get some work done now! More soon.

Who's going to "lights on the lake" this year?


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