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Monday, January 09, 2006

After Holiday Notes

Lets see if I'll actually be able to post this blog entry - I've blogged two other times since my last post and have lost them before I was able to post (first time my computer rebooted randomly, the second time it was due to automatic updates that I setup that will automatically reboot my computer as needed [no picking - eh who cares about data, right?]).

Anyway, I thought since it's been so long since I've blogged and I'm out of school early tonight, have my grandmother's fruit cake in front of me, and a cup of coffee I'd make a list of December - Jan (aka, holidays - 2005) things to remember, recall, some - maybe - I'll want to forget after writing:

Enjoying the first snowfall on a day off
First Beaver Lake walk of the winter - with no snowshoes (because there was not enough snow) and awesome brownies near a fire while a young woman read a Christmas story to a few small children
Worrying about Christmas presents - what to buy!
Going out to the shops at Waterloo with one of my best friends and spending all day there buying "Christmas Presents"
Buying wine afterwards at Montezuma wintery which too much of would be consumed later in the evening
Falling down my friend's stairs during the Christmas party later that evening :)
Cozily watching Christmas Story for the first time with full attention
Putting up a tree, wrapping Christmas presents, making a cake for Grandpa's birthday (I make a cake for him every year)
Having dinner at Grandma's house & blueberry pie
Guitar Hero
Cappuccinos at home - that's RIGHT!
Dinner at my house - Lasagna - baby sister running laps - living room, dining room, breakfast room, living room, dining room...while my dad, brother, boyfriend and I got dizzy watching
DDR for Christmas!
Tons of Excellent food - I sure do love those Christmas cookies
Swimming at the gym during the day over vacation!
Start of Star Wars Education - only one movie left now (haha all you guys had to wait a long time for it - I get to watch them right one after another)!
After hours at my house - yay :)
Sleeping in
Quilting with Grandma
Damaging my friends scarf and worrying about it for days until I told her about it :(
A New Years Party to die for at the Sheraton on SU hill.

This last year has been excellent. I couldn't ask for better friends and family that make it great. I can only hope that there will be many more events to post about in 2006!


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