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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

American Idol and Bread Making ways

So, tonight I had to go to PetCo - I go there exclusively to buy cat litter these days - they have this great deal where you refill the same container again and again. I think it's great, less plastic to throw away - and it's cheaper!
ANYWAY, so I was out, so I decided to go to my dad's house to drop off his car charger - he let me borrow it when my car was having all this trouble with power before I replaced a bunch of stuff in it and it's kind of better now (ha) ok - well, my dad was watching American Idol. I've never seen this show before! Found out tonight that it's probably been on for 5 years :) From what I saw the show is really funny - it's basically an audition right - for singers (ooooh Kelly Clarkson) - and the judges are staring at the singer in the same room, making them seemingly as uncomfortable as possible. The girl that I saw on there - I felt sooo sorry for her. She was just standing there pouring her heart out into this song - progressively getting worse, let's face it, she was awful, but they had no remorse! They were terrible to her! I guess this is standard behavior though, from what my dad was telling me.

Oh well. :) That's TV! I swear someday I will take a day off of work and watch cable TV and relax (ok, maybe go out for a while too, but that's ok) - now that would be cool.

Tonight I also made some bread which smells really good, but I haven't tried it yet. I was making a salad last night and had bits of brocolli, onion, and tomato left over. So, I cut them all up and put them into a container, thinking that I would put them in this bread today, so I did - who knows - it may be the best bread ever, or the worst bread ever - actually, it could even be up for debate if I weren't the only one eating it! Hey, if there wasn't experimentation, we wouldn't have a lot of the things that we do now!

I'll give an update if it's fantastic.

Who would have thought to mix eggs, sugar and flour with a crushed cocoa bean to make cake? EXACTLY.


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