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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Random thoughts & kitty hairdo

Chex with cinnamon may be my new oatmeal - I've been eating oatmeal every week day for months now (I've liked it so much recently that I asked for and received oatmeal for Christmas).
Cold coffee in the afternoon is not that bad unless poured after 10am that day (I haven't tried coffee from different days - yet).
Hostess Fruit & Grain Cereal Bars are a little piece of heaven.
Sometimes things just "click".
Still, EVERYTHING that isn't a fact is a matter of perspective. In fact, facts might be as we interpret them too...

On another note:
I made an appt for the most famous Princess CooCoo at Pierres Country House of Grooming (aka Princess Hair Dressing Salon) for next Wednesday. Very exciting.
I am going to bring Pierre the picture that I took the last visit!


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