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Thursday, January 19, 2006


I really like going to Subway - and at work we pretty much go on Thursdays every week, or so... but I think I may have to stop going there if the madness continues...
All of the women behind the counter know me as the "indecisive one" - which I normally am - I mean, they give you so many choices (bread is the easiest, wheat, of course, unless I'm feeling daring - then there is a decision, sub of the day, no (Thursday is BMT), ok, well turkey - no you had that last week, roast beef, no - too fatty, tuna - might has well have that at home another time... veggie patty, ya that's good...) Once I've decided that I certainly have to decide now whether I would like the sandwich toasted and what kind of cheese (cheese is not that bad - everyone knows the mostly good kind is provolone or american, at subway anyway - it's only at the supermarket, this option changes).
The thing is though, I've pretty much got it down at subway now, I know what I want - but they still think that I am the indecisive one - don't get me wrong - they used to give me the standard only 6 olives per sandwich and the dab of lettuce, but now - no, no, no - if I ask for double spinach, that is what I get - hot peppers, "Of course sweetheart!" I get what I ask for now - that's great right?
Eh, I guess it's fun to go there - today of course, a girl behind the counter asks Mr. Furious - "So, have you ever been to Burger King with her?" - I say, "I generally don't go to Burger King - I wouldn't know what to get" and wouldn't you know it - the woman behind me in line says "Watch it - we have choices too you know" and she opens her coat to reveal the Burger King logo - guess I have to go try it out over there sometimes. She did say it was ok for me to go to Subway most of the time though..

Not to ramble on about food again, or anything :)


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