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Friday, April 28, 2006

Preparing for a baby shower & other randomness

So, last night I went to Walmart to look for a gift for my friend who is having her Baby Shower this Saturday. She had one of those gift registry things at Walmart - which is great btw - it takes the guessing out of what she might need, you just go buy something on the list.
I picked out a really nice gift (won't post what it is here - I don't think she reads my blog, but who knows - isn't everyone on the internet these days?) but it's really nice (I even got it with a nice container, go figure :) - they didn't have any more at one store so I had to go to another Walmart all together. Did I mention that going into Walmart is like entering a shopping center the size of a small world?

I had to go all out of course and buy super cute wrapping paper with little hands on it and a little tag with little feet on it. She's having a baby girl!!! I attached some little crocheted sandals that I made (all of that time learning to sew with grandma did not go to waste) - I can't believe how excited I am for her. This will be the first of my girl friends who I've known, seems like forever, that will be having a child of her own!! I can't even imagine. She's really excited and happy.

The last time I saw her was her wedding day!

I have to go over to my stepmother's house tonight and give her a birthday gift also, and too - it's one of my very good friend's birthday celebrations this weekend, so it should be very full!

Oh, and totally unrelated - I don't know if I wrote it here, but last year by chance I was given the opportunity to "rent" a Jeep Wrangler for a week. It was the most awesome summer car ever and I am considering looking at some prices. Anyone know of a reason that I should not even test drive or take 2 looks at one of these cars? I am also considering some other (perhaps more practical, but does that really matter?) cars like the midsize suv type - but not jeep liberty b/c someone told me that they had really bad luck with repair costs on that. :) oh well, now that I've rambled on...

Have a great weekend everyone!


At 8:58 AM, Blogger Andy said...

So, you take advantage of this great degree program yet there,....Dr. Galla?


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