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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


So, I was late to class again and had to park in the lot that is really far away. I'm so jealous that everyone who gets there on time gets to park in the closer lot which is a lot warmer to walk to on nights like this! My fingers are still thawing out, literally. I always end up staying late at work on Tuesdays!

In class tonight, I worked for like 3 hours in class on a project and then when doing a final save, lost like half of it! The program was haunting me after the crash - "recover from last autosave?" - Yes, yes! of course! but no, the last autosave was not auto, it was the last manual save by me of course. Oh well. I'll have another opportunity to work on it this week I'm sure. Darn lack of virtual memory.
Drawing UML diagrams is not so bad, depending on the day!

I should be just thankful that the pager did not go off during class today.

I've been going to the gym every morning on weekdays (only skipped last Friday) but I don't think I'm going tomorrow. I'll go on Thursday!

PS, on a semi-related note - learned to bake single serve microwave brownie - good & bad at the same time.


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