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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wow, so I wonder if anyone still reads this blog or not - probably not since I have not posted in ages!

While passing by the other screen I skimmed a little of what I wrote before and I am happy to tell you that the painting is complete! Mike and I could not be happier about that. It did take a while - but in the end the house ended up looking really nice. Now we just have to clean throughout the next month in preparation for our family wedding party in August.

Other thoughts on my mind right now:
Leaving for Jamaica soon
Getting married next week on Thursday
Preparing for getting married next week on Thursday
Finishing work projects before leaving work this Thursday
What will I wear for the corporate party on Saturday night?

So, this is the plan - I leave work on Thursday. I may go shopping with the girls at the Waterloo outlets on Friday during the day but I am not sure - when we go it ends up being an all day event! Thursday night is part one of my Corporate Event. Saturday AM - sleep in hopefully - finish packing. Go to picnic, bring some kind of dessert - this time it may be store bought - I don't think I can make something homemade this week, even though I would typically want to!
We go to the hotel - drop our stuff and attend Corporate Event part two - crash at hotel - drive home in AM?? My dad will pick us up or we will drive to his house Sunday AM.

Arrive at Airport - leave early AM Sunday.

Arrive Jamaica Sunday --- and now this is how I would like to play out the trip but who knows -
Check out resort and have fun Sunday night.
Monday - Play games, kayak, explore the resort some more and eat some really good food - make reservations at Japanese Restaurant for as many times as possible during the week
Tuesday - Hike Blue Mountain and see Cuba from the summit - view Rainforest creatures
Wednesday - Recover from previous day - eat food
Thursday - Salon in AM, Married in Afternoon, Dinner and Dancing at night

The rest of the week does not really matter to me - dancing and drinking would be good. :)

I can't wait to go, but at the same time feel I will never be ready!


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so .. how did things go?


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