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Monday, October 03, 2005

Dance Class

I am out of practice in my dancing and I know the reason - no practice really - I mean - I can still follow pretty well if someone is leading the dance, and I don't know if any of you have danced before, but - from my perspective after I've been practicing dance often I can expect the unexpected - and since I haven't been dancing even turns are beginning to come as a surprise to me.
I danced a normal salsa dance for like half of a song tonight while the instructor was getting some water and I realize how much I need to practice.

I'm looking to get into other kinds of dances too - not just salsa dancing, though it's definetely my favorite so far.

I'd love to learn the waltz. Also, I actually didn't consider this before, but after my Tuesday night classes change I might like to see about Tango.
There are some middle eastern dances I've been considering too, where you don't dance with a partner.

I know it's crazy and most people probably think I'm obsessed - but I just love to dance, especially partner dances. I'm not crazy about circle dances, but Rueda is nice because it's a parnter circle dance.

The instructor offered to have women come into the Wednesday night Rueda class as leaders (the male part) because often the classes have more women, and I'm considering that... it would have helped when I ended up dancing Rueda as a leader at the Westcott Fair a couple weeks back.



At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Blazer said...

Have you considered learning the Lambada?


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