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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Old Cartoons

So, tonight I went over to my father's house for my little sister's birthday party.
She is growing up so fast!! I can't believe it - she's dressing and acting like a teenager now (boot cut jeans, black shoes, black purse - likes Avril Laverne (sp?)). Oh, how times change so quickly!
I told her that she's not allowed to grow up anymore though - and she said ok, so we are all set now :)

My dad had out the video camera again too - fabulous. He tried to comfort me by saying, "Well, we are the only ones who will watch the tape - and maybe some other people." "OH, Good." - I said. I really hope noone gets ahold of those family videos. I recall one mother's day when I was getting everyone to dance outside... yep - all on tape - yikes!

While I was over there, I asked my dad for some cartoons that I used to watch as a kid because the plan is to take a day, get up at a kind of normal time, eat breakfast and then watch cartoons and relax all morning.

My dad found some cartoon movies that he had bought for me when I was little and told me that I can have them. How great is that? One of them even has my handwriting (from back then) on it.
He also has some cartoon marathons from the 80s which should be interesting to watch. I wonder how many cartoons I can take before wanting to watch something else! I really want to copy the christmas tape that we used to watch - it has Claymation Christmas, Charlie Brown, Garfield, and that one with the mice :) I don't know of an easy way to get the data from the VHS tape to another format, shucks.

Finishing up some paperwork and calling it a night - anyone know if I can take a huge box of random paperwork to have it shredded? I really don't want a shredder cluttering up my office - I have enough junk already!


At 12:13 AM, Anonymous Blazer said...

Ah, regression to childhood. A time when life was carefree, and your only concern was what to do after school that day. Sometimes I miss the luxury of inexperience...it begets a broader sense of purpose.

Oh and nice new pic btw - matches the color scheme of the site.


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