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Thursday, January 15, 2009

More cold

After yoga tonight I took Samuel around the block. That is as far as we could go, however. It's 3 degrees here so Samuel started lifting his feet and looking at them. He was trying to explain that his feet were freezing with his facial expressions and then he realized - my ears are freezing too! So he shook his head vigourously.
I said, "Come on Sammy - let's go!" and he and I ran a 1/4 block until we were almost home. I guess his threshold is the same as mine - I don't like going out when it's less than 15-20 degrees.
Tomorrow's Friday thank goodness. It's been a fairy busy week at work - just a lot going on not anything in particular. People are getting together at a friend's house to watch that movie "Wally". I watched it a couple weeks ago when I decided to make pizza and invited my mom and brother over for the experiment. Turned out pretty good actually and I think I'm making pizza again this weekend. I don't know if I'm going to watch the movie or not but it was really a good movie. "Eva!" "Wally!"
We've been thinking about buying a new house recently as this one is kind of small and if kids are in our future we may need more room. Plus - it has a couple quirks (as any house does I know). For example, it's cold because it's not well insulated and the windows are old and the basement occasionally has water issues. We've done a lot to it though - like painting the outside and having some people install a new roof with plywood and everything. Do you know we can't into our attic here? That's so strange - there is this space above us that we'll never look at. Well, I guess the roofers took a look up there. I wonder if they found any insulation.
Anyway - so, since we've been thinking about getting a new house I signed us up for this mailing list where they send e-mails based on your requirements and you look at them and then if you want to go see them then you call up the realtor and say, "I want to view x house". We haven't decided what ones we want to look at yet but I'm getting ready! Oh yea.
You know how you have all of these things that are not fixed but you really should fix them but, eh - they really don't matter because it's just for looks? Well, we had our toilet upstairs leak (I know, gross, but it wasn't what you are thinking - kind of clean water leaking from a seal and wrecking the ceiling below) anyway - so one night I'm in my office and I hear this "drip, drip" - the paint on the ceiling was holding I don't know - like 2 liters of water. I yelled up the stairs to Mike - and we ended up draining the water into a bucket and ripping the paint off of the ceiling because it was now loose from being full of water. It was like that for a year or so - and since I'm thinking about how we are going to have to sell our house I decided to patch it up and fix it.
I used putty to clean it up a bit before the holidays and last night I used primer to assure no staining and painted the spot with celing paint.
That was a pretty large story for a small point - right?
Ugh, that's all for now. More blogging soon.


At 12:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous Snowboarder said...

My dog insists on playing tug once the temps drop below -20 .. And he doesn't understand why I will only play frisbee for 5 minutes when its -10!

Lets not talk of water.. I just had to decamp from the mountains to return to my metroarea condo because the neighboring unit had a pipe freeze and break and it flooded my downstairs. Insurance says I'm on the hook for my 1,000 deductible unless they can prove negligence. Great.. I do nothing wrong, am totally inconvenienced and I have to pay? Arrrg!


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