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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Looking to winter for activity

So, it's November. Winter is definetely on it's way and last week we had our first snowfall. Nevermind that the week before it was comfortable to be outside in shorts.
Mike and I just finished raking and blowing leaves out to the road for pickup. I think we have the most leaves on our block. We have several trees and basically the whole front of our yard is covered with piles of leaves to be picked up. I love fall.
Earlier in the season Mike and I went apple picking at Beak and Skiff and pumpkin picking just down the road from there. I forget the name of the place that we get pumpkins from but basically you go out in the field and pick any pumpkin - no matter the size - for 2 dollars. It's a lot of fun and I enjoy going every year if we can.
Another couple that we are friends with came over after we went apple picking with apples they had picked and I showed my friend how to make apple pie. We ate apple pie and ice cream and played Rumikub.

In a couple weeks it will be Thanksgiving.

Well, I finished my java class and now I'm looking at perhaps getting certified in Linux but I am not sure which certification would be most beneficial. I am not in a hurry but I think maybe this January or February I will be studying again. How fun, right?

So, last week Mike got into a car accident and everyone was fine but Mike's car is damaged in a way where it is probably more cost efficient to buy a new one than to fix the old one given the amount of damage and the age of the car. We looked yesterday all afternoon at different types of cars and will probably go out again tomorrow night.
Who knew this would happen but, I am actually thinking of changing my car again too just because the one that I have is not gas efficient at all and I have not used the space in it like I thought I might. We used it once to bring back a patio furniture set from Home Depot but other than that it pretty much sits empty. It would be cost efficient for me to do a trade in now because the trade in value is not much less than I actually paid for the car. So, I would get a car with a new warranty and not really lose anything... I think my warranty is over soon. I just have to make sure that a smaller car will have all of the features that I want for carrying gear and that kind of stuff. The car I'm looking at is the Suzuki SX4 - and I might get manual shift.

Ugh. Well, here's to life... I'm thinking about making pumpkin pie and looking forward to x-country season. Anyone doing the jingle bell run?


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