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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Freezing Rain and Snow and other Randedomness

Samuel and I just returned from our nightly adventure through the neighborhood. Tonight we had the chance to ski and slide through the streets. It rained all day today - freezing rain and just wet rain all which turns into slush when snowed upon. I do like it when the weather changes - also, I like it when the scenery changes for our walks.

All through December houses in our neighborhood were decorated with lights and yard ornaments. One yard "blow up" contraption actually sang to us. It was the Christmas band. Mike commented that it must have been driving the neighbors nuts - though, I don't think anyone would have heard it with the windows closed. Only crazy kooks like me who walk around at night to exercise and deengergize their animals. There was another house that we dubbed the "North Pole" as it had so many decorations throughout the yard. You could see it from the main road and it was at the end of one of the horseshoes that make up our neighborhood. And then there was the house with the horribly bold blue lights.

Anyway, now everyone has taken down the decorations and everyone's yards are covered in snow with an ice coating. The whole road is slippery so if you run and stop fast with your feet like a skateboarder you skid across the slush. There is a tree about every three houses on the curb. Old Christmas trees now forgotten. However, Samuel thinks that they are a thing of interest! Not for peeing like you are thinking though. He never picked that habit up. I'm glad about that. Sniffing discarding Christmas trees is a luxury in the dog world.

So, I was supposed to go to the Linux Meetup group tonight. I decided that I was going to go after I heard the weather forecast this morning. It probably would have been fine driving home but I just did not feel like driving through it tonight.

I'm studying for a Linux certification - probably RHCT if I can find out a place where you can take the test locally. From just looking quick on RedHat's site the closest location to take the test is in NY. I'm probably going to call them to see if there is a site closer.
I guess the RHCT test is pretty hard and most people fail it the first time. I would be very disappointed to travel to another city and fail the test. I would prefer to take one of the workshops first or at least take an example test so I know what I'm getting myself into. I've been studying a little for the test but the material is kind of dry especially since most of it is review. I wouldn't mind doing the training a different way - like "hey, setup this server" and use the following commands. I like figuring things out.

We never did go X-Country skiing on Dec. 27 by the way. Didn't want to drive out somewhere far and discover that the trails were closed. I did go snowshoeing last Friday night by moonlight to some old WW2 bunkers and co-hosted a group of snowshoers on Sunday with some people who just wanted to try it out at Beaver Lake. Fun winter times.

So, what's next?


At 8:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous Snowboarder said...

Why.. I'm the Anonymous Snowboarder, of course! And I must frown upon your dance with Redhat.. Slackware is the one true Linux distro! But better still to go to the roots with Net or Openbsd or Solaris if SysV is your cuppa.

And wasn't it a beautiful crisp morning today! It was -19 when I woke up, clear and still. Perhaps the forest critters were frozen!

At 12:56 AM, Anonymous Blazur said...

What is randedomness?


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