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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just real quick

Update, huh? Ok - well, Jamaica was amazing. Just think about a group of 12 friends all going to the same place on vacation. We had an amazing time just relaxing, being crazy, being adventurous and exploring Jamaica and learning more about it's people.

We did so many things while we were there - it was action packed!
Big Events:
Bicycle down blue mountain - learning about how coffee beans are harvested and roasted and drinking blue mountain coffee. Breakfast and lunch viewing the mountain - (lunch of veggie bites) and bicycling down part way in a mountain thunderstorm - it was AMAZING.

Dolphin Cove - saw, touched and kissed a real dolphin - which I thought was not as pleasant as it was made out to be. If I had a choice to kiss a dolphin or not in the future I'd probably not do it - it was an interesting experience to say the least... held parrots and a huge iguana (awesome) - swam and held stingrays. Saw some sharks - not the kind you'd imagine - they were less fierce but I can't recall what type they were. The Dolphin Cove employees were showing off the sharks and some people swam with them. I'll post pictures - probably to MySpace at some point...

The wedding was just as I never imagined it to be. It was actually quite calm and pleasant - I will elaborate more on this later because I know that my family is waiting to hear all about it at our party this weekend and I do not want to spoil the surprise!

Right now we are just getting ready for the party next weekend and keeping busy like always. I just started a new java course and Mike has been working on editing a lot of the photos from Jamaica. And of course, work always takes a bit of time...


At 10:22 PM, Anonymous Blazur said...

Nurse sharks...and they were quick!


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