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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Latino Festival was tremendous - I love Spanish culture.

Last night at the Latino Festival I saw a band with the most amazing energy on stage. It was a band who played only Merengue during the presentation - Doble Filo. What a show!!! Truly amazing dancers and singers. You wouldn't believe what they were able to do (dance, shake, and kick) and still sing! (I never seen anyone move like that before!)
Also witnessed at the Latino festival:
Belly Dancers on stage
Break Dancers in the street
Salsa dancers

I just love watching everyone have a good time and I really enjoyed the music!! I've yet to find the band's CD online, but I will find it eventually. I'd even like to order a video of one of their concerts, if it exists!

I saw people dancing in Clinton Square this Friday at Swinging in the Square too. It was the first time that I saw people dancing outside and I actually danced in front of a crowd of bystanders, which was intimidating. It helps that I love to dance so much - I kind of forget about the people watching and just concentrate on the music and dance.

PS! The Beauty Scene Outlaws have a new website design, check it out! Though you couldn't really merengue to their music, it's still cool in a different sort of way. It's more of the let them rock and relax type than the dance type. They are playing Thursday night downtown; their site has details.
Beauty Scene Outlaws New Site Ya!




At 8:55 AM, Blogger You kids get off my lawn! said...

Looks like somebody got themselves spammed!

On an unrelated note, I find that the BSO's fourth album, "Stolen From Potsie" is by far their best work. Somehow they managed to take a bunch of lackluster tunes from those no-talent ass-clowns "Potsie" and turn them into songs worthy of real rockers. Plus, my brain didn't hurt so much after listening to them any more...

At 10:08 AM, Blogger PEACHES said...

Deleted 13 comments! Darn shoe and drug selling guys.

Word has it that the "Stolen From Potsie" wasn't stolen at all!!



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