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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Oww, Running hurts!

Yesterday was my first day back to classes after a two week break - yay! So I decided to prepare for my new class by getting energized and taking a little stroll around the neighborhood, get the blood going, you know.

So, I go out walking - the first thing I see is my neighbors coming (what an idea - EVERYONE wants to walk when it is nice out!). I say - "Can I walk with you?" "Sure", they say. Ok, so I walk with them for a little bit - and guess what, just when I was hoping no one realized that there was a huge firetruck in front of my house last week...
"It was really no big deal", I said, "They were only there to unlock the door, you know because I was so silly and locked the keys in the car." Of course they went on to tell me how neighbors are good for things like having Triple A memberships that they never really use and stuff... now I find this out! @!#!@ What a concept.
Well, now I too have a triple A membership, so if you ever need an unlock... well ya know - that is how I got my keys back. So, anyway, I now know that the invitation is open from the neighbors - I can ask to use the phone if needed and so on. And they now know that the offer is the same to them - need a phone, cup of coffee? I have one of those.
She told me actually about how she had to go through the dog door *sideways* to get into their garage this past winter - so I feel better about this situation I guess. Do you know anyone who has never locked their keys in their car? Didn't think so.
Well, the short of it is that the neighbors witnessed my shame, I am sorry to say.

Hmm, what was my point here... oh yes. So, after the conversation with the neighbors I realize that I have to get going to school now. So I wave goodbye & we part ways. So, now I am going to get ENERGIZED. Oh yes - blood pumping - I'm so not going for the caffiene today boy.

I begin to run. I'm running past some kids - they are throwing a football. They are afraid of the lady running. After I pass they throw the ball - OVERTHROW! So, I picked it up. Throw it back to them. "Nice Throw!" they say.
Guess I'm not so uncool as I think - until I realized that I really could only run a block before becoming mostly exhausted.

I actually had a very nice class last night - I was alert the entire time! Very interesting stuff. So, I decide, yes... I will do this running more often. It works for me!
That was until this morning when I was walking outside and I could feel pain in my shins (NOT chins, mind you, not chins... :-D muahahah) .

Question for you. Why are my shins hurting?!!? I didn't run very far. This used to happen to me when I was in track in High School - but only after running like 4 miles! I ran a block.
Oh my... Tata.


At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Chinny McChins said...

Say, I really hope it was your shins that were hurting and not your chins. :)

To think otherwise would be quite vexing and probably much more painful.

At 6:35 PM, Blogger PEACHES said...

Ahhh, yes! Thanks :-p ... I'll just make a little edit there ;)


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