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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

CooCoo goes to the hairdresser - A picture story

AND NOW what you've all been waiting for (I'm sure) - those super interesting pictures that I promised you!

No pictures of BSO today - but like I mentioned before if YOU have any of the band or any that you think would be appropriate in expressing BSO (or now Potsie since they've added a link on their page to mine) please send to ME! :-D Thanks!

So this is the story of CooCoo and the hairdresser.
It used to be that I didn't even take myself to the hairdresser, so it was really unbelievable to me that I actually needed to take CooCoo, my darling persian cat, to the hairdresser.
Yet, I made the appt because she just has so much hair and is so much of a prissy little dainty cat that she really just does not want to be brushed as much as she should be and needed to be professionally dolled up after all winter. I made an appt at 'Pierres' ;)

It's always a big deal when one of the cats has to go out of the house.

First I had to print directions:

Then, I had to get the carrier out & inspected for safety:

Ernie really wanted to go:

But, I could only take Coocoo. So we took the long drive to Pierre's!
Boy, I thought it would be different than this:

But, Coocoo turned out ok and Pierre (aka, Steve) turned out to be an OK guy!
He even let me take his picture with Coocoo and the bow!
She really did not want to look at the camera though:

Both Pierre and I were clearing hair from everywhere for the rest of the day - but Coocoo was a princess for a day!


At 2:05 AM, Anonymous La Police De Groomer De Chat said...

I am requesting before & after pictures of CoCoo My Darling so I can see how masterful this "Pierre's" work is.

Il ne regarde pas très français à moi. Auu Hauuu Hauuuh

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous El Pepino Enmascarado said...

Aye, Aye, Aye

Que gato peloso!


At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Bork Bork Bork said...

Katten er meget vakker. Hvor er toalettet? Jeg liker biblioteket. Min ovn er meget større enn ovnen av Deres katt!


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