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Thursday, April 14, 2005


The Beauty Scene Outlaws were very good last Friday! Their performance of the Klink was especially spectacular and I was dramatically expressing that fact to my friends. I understand that the band made a comment about misplacing the dance event (which I missed because I was out at the bar). This was my one opportunity to dance in front of an audience and I missed it!! So I will have to make up for it at the next BSO show.
The members of this band are very talented and famous so I was afraid to talk to them, though I did get a glimpse of them as they went out the door. ;) haha

Al, the also famous guy, was also there from SGBW and I was telling everyone how famous he was. ANYWAY - I hope you made it to the show because it was a BLAST.

I think most people at the show missed the evil zapping machine which actually sent jolts of electricity through my hand and made me scream every time. This rare device was addicting, yet painful.

I'm sincerely sorry, but I did not get any pictures of the show. I forgot to bring my camera and so I'd like to ask - if you were at the show and you you took a picture, please send it to me! MaIL Other pictures that you believe would relate to the Beauty Scene Outlaws will also be appreciated.


So, the reason that I did not post yet this week is because I have been busy like crazy.

Last weekend I went to Toronto and it was incredibly amazing and awesome in every way even though some of the circumstances may have seemed disastrous to most people. One thing that has presented itself to me over and over this week is that everything is a matter of perception. The way that things are interpreted by a person become reality to that person and those who surround them.
In other words, it is best to have a good outlook on things!

This is why I did not get upset when my friends car broke down on the way to Toronto costing us extra time and money! I considered us lucky instead because I had AAA and we didn't have to pay for the tow or get stuck in a small town of Hamilton (which I am sure would have been nice anyway but we would have missed some things).

1. I got to see all of the locals at Canadian Tire in Hamilton.
2. Realized how friendly most canadians can be when two girls are in distress.
3. We took a bus from Hamilton to Burlington and took the Train to Toronto!
4. A lot of cool people ride the train (lots of interesting people, what do these people do when they are not on the train?)
5. Walked the streets of Toronto with luggage.
6. Rode in a Taxi Cab to a Mansion - where we were staying: Mansion
7. The mansion had free chocolate and antique furniture in the waiting room
8. Walked in Toronto - seems like EVERYONE has a dog and they are awful cute - it was especially awesome b/c we walked a long time
9. Had dinner and drank expresso after - *paid with Canadian money* oh my gosh it was sooo cool
10. Watched a concert of sorts - Andy Schovansky (sp?) - he was really cool "22 steps, from the walk to her door"
11. Walked into a Salsa club (too tired to dance though, and nervous so left) - AMAZING I want to go back, Oh yea, I'm going
12. Stayed in the mansion and asked "Omar" the attendant if I could take his picture before we left
13. Thrilled about going up in the CN Tower by myself (friend afraid of heights): Tower
a. Ascended many many miles into the air in a tightly packed elevator
b. Amazing view of water and city
c. Stood on and Jumped on glass floor (took picture of my feet on the glass)
14. Rode train (I had pistachios then) and bus again to taxi to car (took picture with mechanic and friend)
15. Went home!!

There is probably a lot of stuff I missed about Toronto but the thing that impressed me the most was the people.



Ok, gotta run, more later!


At 4:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

W00t! Toron-toe is the shiznit, yo!

At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This one time, in Toronto, I thought I saw the Beauty Scene Outlaws but....it wasn't them. :(

At 9:54 AM, Anonymous Pot C said...

POTSIE 0WNZ0rs!!!!!!!1111oneoneone

At 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peaches - You wouldn't know good rock if it bit you in the pit! The BSO suck. Dren Valentine


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