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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

No class? Class is what I have none of - Today!

So, I just remembered that I have no class today. Funny because I was kind of in a rush last night to get my homework finished. I think it's great because it's kind of like we are getting a little break in the middle of the semester and we get a take home final (woo hoo).

So today I have unexpected extra time! Whatever will I do? Hopefully it will be warm enough later to get outside for a little bit.

The class that I'm taking, C++ Programming, will continue through the summer. It's not too bad actually because I only am taking one class at a time and this one is not taking a lot of time at all. Last summer was terrible because I was taking these Accounting classes that were famous for consuming all of my free time.. The material in this class is more enjoyable and I think studying will be more manageable in the summer months.

I am definetely, definetely looking forward to outdoor activities this year! I ran a little at the gym last night and I didn't have to stop as often as before. Thank goodness. I think using my MP3 player as a distraction is helping actually - it's great to have music playing when I'm pushing my body to the limit. I'm going on a 22 mile hike in August (3rd weekend) and I really want to be in superb shape for that.
My "Mummy the Peepshow" music works really well so I ordered two more CDs of them today!



At 2:58 PM, Anonymous El Pepino Enmascarado said...

Ay Ay Ay!

Corriendo 22 kilometros no es bueno!

Entiendo que sus 'miles' estan mas que un kilometro, esto es mas malo!


At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know who else has no class today? POSTIE! Of course, that's no different than any other day...

At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...or POTSIE...they both suck!


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