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Monday, June 19, 2006

House Inspection; Evil Furnace and Inspiration

So, the good news is I have some potential home buyers - we have signed the contract and I was very excited and happy until - the house inspector claims now that I have a cracked heat exchanger which will cause me to have to replace the furnace entirely.

I'm not really worried about this - it's just going to take some time and money to replace it and it may delay things a bit. Things could be worse.

Now that I know we are moving in July I cannot wait - I don't want delays!!

So, I called Glenn, my furnace repairman today and I hope that he calls me back again soon (he called me once, but I was in class just about to do a presentation and could not leave to answer the call). Oh well. He's very good and will let me know if I have to replace the whole furnace. If I do I am going to try to negotiate to get the new buyers to pay for half - what a deal! I mean, really, I thought about replacing the furnace because I knew it was old and they have more efficient models out there, but Glenn reassured me that I shouldn't waste money on it - no need. Guess I'll find out the details soon.

So, in other events - this class is actually pretty interesting - one thing about it though is that I'm forced to do presentations every week, which is typically difficult for me (frozen deer syndrome) - but it's not that bad in this class because I pretty much know everyone from previous classes and have so many other things on my mind right now that presentations are the last thing I'm going to worry my head about.

Funny thing about this class though is that I am taking it with an instructor who used to work with another instructor of mine, Larry Page, at Central Tech. I actually did a presentation for this instructor to his high school students when he was at Central Tech and I worked downtown.
Small world I guess. I would love to be involved when they build out / get the funding for the new Central Technical School downtown. To help benefit the education of the kids that go there... the classes benefit the kids so much. Knowing that there is a possibility that I could eventually make a difference inspires me.


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