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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Update on Furnace

So, this morning Glenn, my furnace repairman, stops by and I have him take a look at the furnace. He says this kind of stuff happens all of the time and the home inspectors sometimes just guess and the furnace does not really need replacement, but it is the easiest to report.
Anyway, so I asked him for a note to give to my realtor and the inspector, which he graciously gave me - he is really a great guy, doesn't unnecessarily charge me, which some furnace repairmen are famous for...

Unfortuantely I'm still in a limbo state with this issue because the inspector is not backing down (which I don't blame him, btw - if fumes are getting into the house that would be bad - Glenn did say though that if they were it would have been VERY noticeable and I never smelled anything) - anway, so I hope those two talk sometime soon and can have a look at it together.

I just want to know at this point whether it needs to be replaced or not.

On another note - better one actually - my roses are in full bloom, BEAUTIFUL, especially after the rain. You should see them, maybe I'll take some photos - they are truly incredible. They smell nice and it's a wonder how something so beautiful can grow right in my yard.


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